nature and wildlife photography


June 27, 2016

What’s the most popular animal of all time? Possibly, the bear. Many countries use it as their symbol. It’s found throughout literature, in the sky, in books, in song, and [read more]

Snake Photography in the Wild

June 27, 2016

One of the biggest challenges in snake photography when out in the wild is creating an interesting image. A photo of a snake lying on the ground just won’t hold [read more]

Insect and Spider Photography Tips

June 26, 2016

Exploring the world of insects and spiders can be very rewarding. When you train your eye to look closely, you’ll begin to find these miniature creatures everywhere. Grab your camera [read more]

8 Tips on Garden Photography

June 26, 2016

Use the light: Get down low and use backlighting so it’s shining through the flowers. Sony Alpha 33 + Sigma, 10-20/4-4.6, f/14, 1/100 sec. Your own garden can be one [read more]


June 26, 2016

Memories of a special event live with you forever.Photographs help preserve those memories intact.As photographers, we witness many different special moments, but everyone has one that stands out from the [read more]

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