camera equipment and accessories

What Does A Light Meter Do?

When shopping for all the high quality gear that you’re going to need on your photo excursions or studio sessions, you’ve probably asked yourself the question –  What does a [read more]

10 Most Needed Camera Accessories

Getting the digital camera is really only your starting point. You’ll quickly find that there are essential accessories that you’ll want to make your digital photographer experience much more enjoyable.Here’s [read more]

Know Your Camera: Accessories

Cameras in today’s world beg to have accessories … or at least that’s what the camera sellers want us to believe. After having worked through our previous articles, we now [read more]

Camera Filters Explained Part 2

In Part I of my camera filters explained series, several filter categories were presented—light-balancing, color-compensating, color conversion, and contrast filters. This article will discuss several specialized filters that are used [read more]

Photography: The Supporting Cast

Photo 1. This typical tourist photographic “stance” is guaranteed to result in blurry pictures, and tilted horizons. We’ve all seen tourists gripping their cameras, standing with their legs apart and [read more]

Electronic Flash: A Primer

Electronic flash photography places light where you want it–when you want it! Flash is controllable and portable. It opens up a new world of photo possibilities. The quality high-speed film [read more]

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