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Featured Photography Articles

Welcome to the featured articles page of our online photography magazine.  Our goal is to help you become the best photographer you can be by providing inspirational, educational and informational resources that covers a diverse range of photo subjects through articles.

Here you will find the past 4 months articles.

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SEO Photography Tips – Part 2: Schemas and Sitemaps
Learn about schemas, ImageObject schemas, sitemaps, and webmaster tools.

By Todd Mumford

IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how to use the elements of triangular shapes, leading lines, light, texture, and color for dynamic sunrise images.

Photo of sunrise at beach by Mike Denson
SEO Photography Tips – Part 1: Image Optimization
Learn about keywords, alt tags, descriptions, filenames, and more.

By Todd Mumford
Photoshop Time Lapse Video: Making “The Violinist”
The elements of a string instrument and water merge as the creative process flows before your eyes.
By Katelin Kinney
6 Ultimate Tips for Using Motion Blur in Photography
The technique is all about storytelling, contrast, shutter speed and more...
By Harry Fisch
Photo and General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: The Southwest, florals, travel North America, Paris, and lower east side New York.
By Noella Ballenger
Getting Intimate: Close-up Flower Photography
Pick up tips, techniques and camera gear suggestions for getting in close to flowers.
By Noella Ballenger
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how to use symbols, leading lines, illuminated light, texture, action, and more to create a well-composed image.

Photo of hands on a cell phone by Rajiul Huda Dipto
Photoshop CS6 / CC: The Navigator and History Panels - Video Tutorial
Learn about these workspaces and their functions, along with some navigational Speed Keys.
John Watts
Photo Passion and Skill - A Combination for Success
Learn how to merge and improve the technical personality and artistic mind to make great images.
By David McKay
Photographing Dangerous Animals: Part 1 - Bears & Big Cats
Learn how to get closer to wild animals - learn behaviors, how to stay safe and what camera lenses work best.
By Michael Leggero
Photo Hikes in the Grand Tetons: Jenny Lake Trail Network
Pack your camera and bags and head to Wyoming for incredible photo opportunities - majestic mountains, lakes, wildlife, and more.

By Jeff Doran
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how to use storytelling, decisive moments, s-curves, action, and more to create great images.

Photo of girl and guitar by Antonio Borzillo
Photoshop Time Lapse Video: Making “The Historian”
Fast-Furious-Fun: Watch the creative process take place before your eyes.
By Katelin Kinney
Photo Book Reviews
Subjects: animals, African Americans, dangerous women, New York housing project, and close-ups in nature.
By Noella Ballenger
How to Photograph Insects for Art
Learn the step-by-step, in the field, macro and flash technique for photographing insects with white backgrounds.
By Edwin Brosens
Photoshop CS6 / CC : Tools Panel and Color Picker - Video Tutorial
Learn where to find and how to use these commonly used tools and functions.
By John Watts
Know Your Camera: Shutter Speed
Learn what it is, digital camera mode options, and how to stop action and show motion.
By Noella Ballenger

Press Releases: Think Tank Photo’s Urban Approach 15 Backpack, Urban Approach Mirrorless System Shoulder Bags and CF/SD + Battery Compact Wallet
More great ways to carry your gear!
Press Releases by Think Tank Photo

How to Create Snow in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #12
Let it snow, snow, snow... with layers, brush presets, painting, and blurring effects.
By Katelin Kinney

IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how to use storytelling, implied lines, negative space, black and white, and cropping to create dynamic images.

Photo of lions nudging by Jerald Josey

Burn and Dodge in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #11
Learn how to use the Burn and Dodge tools and 50% gray and Adjustment Layers to make a portrait pop.
By Katelin Kinney

Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: creativity, light, group f.64 photographers, digital photo art techniques, and the essence of photography.
By Noella Ballenger

Know Your Camera: Aperture Control
Learn about aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, focal length, lenses, and depth of field.
By Noella Ballenger

Setting Up a Photoshop CS6 / CC Workspace with Panels - Video Tutorial
Learn from a video tutorial how and why to use the 9 essential Photoshop Panels.
By John Watts

Selective Color in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #10
Learn  how to use the Selective Color Adjustment Layer to reduce blacks and add and soften color interest.
By Katelin Kinney

IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how to use the compositional elements of simplicity, patterns, complementary colors, and more.

Photo of leaf on icy pond by Gary Anthes

The “Golden Age” of Photography: Is It NOW?
Find out all the reasons why - from the increased number of people making images to photo sharing sites.
Opinion Piece by Steve Gottlieb

MindShift Gear’s New rotation180°® Trail™Backpack for Photographers
Learn about a lightweight, convenient and versatile 2-in-1 backpack for photographers.
Provided by MindShift Gear and Think Tank Photo

Creating Cloud Stacks in Photography
Stack 'em high! Learn how to make multiple photos and use an image stacking software program to make one image.
By Andy Long

Creating Composite Images in Photoshop
LET THE CREATIVE FUN BEGIN - use layers, layer and clipping masks, blending modes, and more...
By Katelin Kinney

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