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Featured Photography Articles

Welcome to the featured articles page of our online photography magazine.  Our goal is to help you become the best photographer you can be by providing inspirational, educational and informational resources that covers a diverse range of photo subjects through articles.

Here you will find the past 4 months articles.

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Making Photo Portraits People Will Notice – Part 2
"Say Cheese"! Bring out emotions, use body geometry and angles, and go for the drama in your portraits.
By Allen Moore and Jean Lua

Making Photo Portraits People Will Notice – Part 1
Learn the fundamentals from the style of portrait to working with the subject and composition.
By Allen Moore and Jean Lua
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: basketball hoops, fishing, desert, and Boston Marathon bombing memorials photography.
By Noella Ballenger
Lewis Kemper: A “Light” Photographer
Landscape photographer and educator creates stunning images with the use of light, color and composition.
Interview by Noella Ballenger
Photographing Scotland’s Wester Ross - Part 2
Learn about the many incredible landscapes and subjects to photograph in the Scottish Highlands.
By Gordon Harrison
Making Dreams a Reality: Travel Writer and Photographer Chris Willson
An interview with a talented photojournalist who combines the adventures of travel, cultures and people.
By Michael Lynch
Photographing Scotland’s Wester Ross
Learn about the villages, people, weather, and the stunning beauty of the Scottish Highlands.
By Gordon Harrison
Product Review: The JOBY Action Series Tripod and Mounting Clamps
Action camera accessories for your tool bag.
By Marla Meier
Photoshop CS6 / CC: The Document Window and Changing the Numerical Values and Cursor
By John Watts
20 Flower Photography Tips
Learn about camera equipment and settings and pick up tips on lighting and compositional techniques.
By Juergen Roth and Marla Meier
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how light, shadow, s-curve, intense color, and sense of scale creates sound composition.
Sand dunes on Namib Desert by Dick Jacobs
Learn how to tell the story, capture the emotions, expressions and personalities of people in photo portraits.
By Gert Wagner
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: environmental, tips to make great photos, Photoshop Elements 12, and wedding photography.
By Noella Ballenger
Gestalt Theory and Photographic Composition: Proximity
Learn to identifying objects that become part of or distract from the subject's positive space.
By Michael Fulks
Confessions of a Camera Snob: The Holga Camera
What is a Holga? Learn what it is, how it works and how it can be used in the studio.
By Allen Moore
Photoshop CS6 / CC: The Adjustments Panel and Properties Panel
Learn about them and get explanations of the functions in the Adjustments and Properties Panel Views.
By John Watts
Seascape Photography
Guidelines for camera equipment and settings, composition and the elements of design.
By Edwin Brosens
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how the use of vibrant color, diagonal lines, action, and tension makes a great image.
Filleting of fish in Halong Bay by Lynn Clayton
Composition Basics in Microphotography
Bugs & Insects: Learn about view point, 'look room', headroom, rule of thirds, backgrounds and leading lines.
By Huub de Waard
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: the Aurora Borealis, landscape camera gear, Photoshop Elements 12, Photoshop CC and Paris 1963.
By Noella Ballenger
Photo 'Time'
Learn about slowing down and relishing your time with a subject when making images.
By Jim Austin
Confessions of a Camera Snob: Refining Photo Techniques with Smartphones
Learn the importance of fundamental photo techniques with the advancement of smartphone technology.
By Allen Moore
Photoshop CS6 / CC: The Levels Adjustment Layer - Part 2
Learn about White Point/Black Point, Clipping, Contrast and Color Channels.
By John Watts
Nature Photography: Compose Your Own Mona Lisa
Learn how to create nature photos - visualize a scene, slow down and arrange the compositional elements.
By Jeff Mitchum
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how B/W, action, low-key lighting and diagonal lines add interest to street photography.
Street Photography by G. Krupa Sindhu
Creating an Automated Copyright Watermark in Photoshop
A step-by-step guide to protect your photos from copyright infringement.
By Andy Long
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: portraits, Edward Weston, East Africa, Photoshop Elements 12, video storytelling, and posing guides.
By Noella Ballenger
Photo Safari: Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa
Learn about camera equipment used, the animals to photograph and pick up some tips while on game runs.
By Noella Ballenger
10 Tips for Photographing Fireworks
Learn about choosing a location, wind, foregrounds and backgrounds, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and framing.
By Marla Meier, APM
Tips for Small Group Photo Travels: An African Safari
Learn how to organize a private small group tour and safari to South Africa.
By Noella Ballenger
Product Review: Think Tank Photo TurnStyle™ Sling Camera Bags
Think Tank Photo does it again - produced a lightweight, convenient and versatile camera bag for day trips.
By Marla Meier
7 Common Landscape Photography Mistakes & Solutions
From horizon lines and lens to composition and light, this article will help you make stunning landscape images.
By Michael Leggero
7 Tips for Wild Raptor Photography
Learn about these magnificent birds and how to photograph them in order to create great images.
By Jeff Parker
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
A photo critique - leading lines, repetitive shapes, scale, and B/W with selective color adds drama to an image.
Street Scene by Anton Mercurio
onOne Software: Perfect Photo Suite 8
A photo editing software program with Browse, Enhance, Effects, B&W, Portrait, Mask, Layers and Resize capabilities.
By onOne Software
Yemeni Dress: Photographing the Culture and Customs
Travel to the Middle East and learn about the clothing worn in Yemen - traditional to modern.
By Maarten de Wolf

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