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Featured Photography Articles

Welcome to the featured articles page of our online photography magazine.  Our goal is to help you become the best photographer you can be by providing inspirational, educational and informational resources that covers a diverse range of photo subjects through articles.

Here you will find the past 4 months articles.

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Just Ask 3 Questions to Make Better Travel Photos
Learn to improve your images by asking questions about your approach, simplifying and what if I tried...
By Jim Austin
Growing Up Photographically
Your photos improve as your ability to ‘see’ develops, your skill levels rise and new techniques are learned.
By Andy Long
Photo Impressionism: How to Use Your Camera as a Digital Paintbrush
BREAK THE PHOTOGRAPHY RULES! Shake that camera. Get creative and artistic with your photo visions.
By Gerald Sanders and Peggy Sanders
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn about creating a story with candid portraits using simplicity, lines, environment, and details.
Candid Portrait in India by Pritam Saha
Camera Tripods and Ball Heads: What to Consider Before You Buy
What supports your camera and lens is important. Learn what features are best.
By Margo Taussig Pinkerton
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Photography Subjects: Ansel Adams, DIOR, faces and portraits, and birds of Cape May.
By Noella Ballenger
Photoshop CS6 / CC: What Makes a Good Color Print? Part 1
Learn the basic elements and what corresponding Photoshop tool is used to create quality photo prints.

By John Watts
For the Love of Light, Part 3 – Beauty of Black and White HDR Photography
Learn how to manage tone control, personal and visual elements, multiple exposures and the workflow process.
By Jim Austin
For the Love of Light, Part 2 – HDR Visions from Nine Photographers
The controversy continues! Is it "real" and "true" photography? What is it that makes HDR artistic?
By Jim Austin
For the Love of Light, Part 1 – HDR Visions from Nine Photographers
Broaden your vision - why use it and how to make the photos and an examination of other photographer’s images.
By Jim Austin
Photo portrait of baby. Tips and Tricks to Making Children's Photo Portraits
Tips on how to work with kids and how to use a variety of lighting techniques to create those cherished memories.
By Cathy Topping
Product Reviews: LumiQuest Photo Flash Accessories
Lightweight, compact and very portable and affordable - may want to add them to your toolkit.

By Marla Meier
Filter Forge 4.0 – Graphic Software Plugin
Over 10,000 available filters - textures, visual effects and so much more, with the ability to create your own filters.

Release by Filter Forge
How to Use the Golden Ratio to Improve Your Photography
Learn what it is, how it compares to the Rule of Thirds and how to use it for photography composition.
By Sarah Vercoe
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: photography of the native Bahamians, unusual tribal cultures, urban decay, and world conflicts.
By Noella Ballenger
Photoshop CS6 / CC: “Save” Options and Naming Your Files
Learn about save file options, TIFF and PSD formats and how to name image files.

By John Watts
Motrr Galileo Robotic Dock – Rotation Device for iPhone
Read a product review that takes your iPhone on a spherical and panoramic adventure.
By Allen Moore
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn about depicting history, time and space, and using lines, and color contrast to tell a story.
Cityscape - L.A. Angel's Flight by John Soroczak
Photographing Charak - A Holy Worship in Bengal
Travel to Bangladesh for a Hindu folk festival - a goodbye to the past year and welcoming of the new year.

By Marla Meier and Photographs by Sumon Yusuf
Contemplative Photography and the "Good Eye"
Learn about Miksang, awareness, observation and removing judgements when photographing.

By Jim Austin

Tracking a Bird in Flight – Photography Tips, Part 2
Learn about where to focus and learn in-air, take off, landing, and panning techniques.

By Andy Long

Tracking a Bird in Flight – Photography Tips, Part 1
Learn about camera equipment and setup used, focus, continuous shoot, f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO.

By Andy Long

Photoshop CS6 / CC: The Master File and Workflow
Learn what it is and when and why you should create it. Learn about using TIFF or PSD photo files.

By John Watts

Photographing the Immaterial
The creative process of combining technique with a photographer's sensations - a picture is worth a thousand words.
By Piero Leonardi
Blue-toned cityscape at dawn by GeirTønnessen. IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how monochromatic color, converging lines and diffused light adds mood to a cityscape image.
Cityscape at dawn by Geir Tønnessen
Making Photo Portraits People Will Notice – Part 2
"Say Cheese"! Bring out emotions, use body geometry and angles, and go for the drama in your portraits.
By Allen Moore and Jean Lua

Making Photo Portraits People Will Notice – Part 1
Learn the fundamentals from the style of portrait to working with the subject and composition.
By Allen Moore and Jean Lua
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: basketball hoops, fishing, desert, and Boston Marathon bombing memorials photography.
By Noella Ballenger
Lewis Kemper: A “Light” Photographer
Landscape photographer and educator creates stunning images with the use of light, color and composition.
Interview by Noella Ballenger
Photographing Scotland’s Wester Ross - Part 2
Learn about the many incredible landscapes and subjects to photograph in the Scottish Highlands.
By Gordon Harrison
Making Dreams a Reality: Travel Writer and Photographer Chris Willson
An interview with a talented photojournalist who combines the adventures of travel, cultures and people.
By Michael Lynch
Photographing Scotland’s Wester Ross
Learn about the villages, people, weather, and the stunning beauty of the Scottish Highlands.
By Gordon Harrison
Product Review: The JOBY Action Series Tripod and Mounting Clamps
Action camera accessories for your tool bag.
By Marla Meier
Photoshop CS6 / CC: The Document Window and Changing the Numerical Values and Cursor
By John Watts
20 Flower Photography Tips
Learn about camera equipment and settings and pick up tips on lighting and compositional techniques.
By Juergen Roth and Marla Meier
IMAGE TALK with Noella Ballenger: What makes that photo work…
Photo critique: learn how light, shadow, s-curve, intense color, and sense of scale creates sound composition.
Sand dunes on Namib Desert by Dick Jacobs
Learn how to tell the story, capture the emotions, expressions and personalities of people in photo portraits.
By Gert Wagner
Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects: environmental, tips to make great photos, Photoshop Elements 12, and wedding photography.
By Noella Ballenger

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