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American Nature Photography Workshops


P.O. Box 472
Colorado 80528
Phone: (970) 219-5140



Novice to Advanced

Locations: Eastern and Western USA, including Alaska, Costa Rica,
Patagonia, Provence

Come join Tom Bol and George Theodore, a team that has taught together for over ten years, and experience the fun of improving your photography and having a good time as well. Both in the classroom and in the field, you’ll learn to use current technology and techniques to apply fundamentals including exposure, composition, light and color. Honest critiques of your work will also add to your learning experience. Sessions in Lightroom post-processing will help you establish a workflow plan and demonstrations of various parameters will bring out the best in your images.

Events are limited to 15 participants although some tours are limited to 10. Locations are chosen to be at the right place at the right time of year.

“Becoming a better photographer and having fun doing it”


Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures     Barefoot_east      
Margo Pinkerton & Arnie Zann
Hillsborough, North Carolina

Photo Skills: Advanced Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

Locations: Cuba, Durham (NC), Charleston, NC Outer Banks (spring & fall), Maine coast (spring & summer), Canyon de Chelly & Navajoland, Arches & Canyonlands, Colorado, New England, Blue Ridge, Death Valley, Yosemite, & private workshops

Join seasoned pros Margo Pinkerton and Arnie Zann in stunning locations and have lots of fun seeking your own vision while learning how to better make images through solid principles of photography, including elements of composition, lighting, and color.  In Lightroom, you’ll learn efficient & effective post-processing. Our maximum 6:1 ratio provides lots of individual instruction and critiques in both the field and classroom.

“Seek your own vision, and create great photos!”



Bill and Linda Lane Nature’s Image Photography Field Workshops   natures-image-workshops

Montpelier, Virginia
Phone/Fax:  (804)883-7740

Photo Skills:  Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

 Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Rhode Island

Any season is a good season to join Bill and Linda Lane for their hands on photography field workshop extravaganzas.  Teaching and helping are  their top priorities, but good food and camaraderie run a close second.  Most instruction is one on one in the field (small classes).  Primary Focus centers on the technical aspects of good photography (exposure-natural light/equipment/controls…), the artistry and aesthetics (composition/ the art of seeing) and, as important as anything,  awareness.  The goal – the creation of a unique, pleasing photograph without all the guesswork and with as little computer manipulation as possible.  All formats welcome.  For more information call or fax us with your mailing and/or email address.

McKay Photography Academy  McKay-Tours-Logo-workshops

David and Ally McKay

Photo Skills: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced

Locations: Offered around the world

David and Ally take incredible pride in what they are able to do on these educational photography excursions. With a commitment of excellence to clients as to creating an atmosphere of education, fun, life experience, and more, the McKay’s commit to do everything they can to offering the best photography tours in the world.
Each trip consists of David & Ally personally working with you as well as their MPA team. There is usually a 4-1 Instructor/Client ratio making sure you receive highly personalized instruction. All this at prices that are a true value for what you receive.
Join an MPA tour to experience Photography, Travel, Friendship and Adventure!


Cascade Center of PhotographyCascade-Indianercanyons-west
Christian Heeb
Bend, Oregon
Phone: 541-241-2266

Photo Skills: Novice to the advanced photographer.


Locations: Western USA, Central & South America, Southern Africa and Europe


Join internationally renowned traveler and published professional photographer Christian Heeb for journeys and workshops in the Western United States and around the world. He’ll share with you his intimate knowledge of many countries.
Christian and his wife will assist you while exploring and photographing the spectacular canyons of the American Southwest, the wonders of Central America or the wilds of Southern Africa. These small boutique trips are limited to 9 participants. All skill levels are welcome, from the non-photographing spouse to the semi professional.
All itineraries are geared towards the best light and photo opportunities. You don’t have to be a photographer to enjoy these exquisite moments and scenes. We also offer local Photography Workshops & Classes in and around Bend, Oregon



Jim Cline Photo ToursJimClinePhotoToursl
San Diego, California
Trip Leader: Jim Cline

Phone:  858-350-1314

Photo Skills:  All Levels

Angkor Wat, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Oaxaca (Day of the Dead), Machu Picchu, Guatemala, Chiapas


For more than a decade, Jim Cline Photo Tours has run specialized, small group photography tours. Designed to get participants into unique, engaging locations at the optimum times for photography, our carefully crafted itineraries are designed to ensure culturally sensitive encounters, resulting in memorable interactions wherever we travel. Always small groups!

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