10 Challenges for a Wedding Photography Beginner

wedding photography for beginners

There are few occasions that are more special to be part of and photograph than a wedding. However, wedding photography comes with its challenges. It is not always as rosy and glossy as the pictures are. Here are 10 challenges faced by beginner wedding photographers:

1. Starting Out

The experience catch is always a hindrance. You are expected to have experience shooting weddings to get hired. It makes landing the first job extremely challenging. Start off as a second shooter for an established photographer to acquire experience. You can also start with friends and family.

The cost of the equipment is steep- weddings require different flashes, multiple lenses, backup gear and batteries, and memory cards which are a huge investment. Now it is possible to rent gear.

2. The Business Aspect

You are not just taking pictures, but you are also starting a business. You need to figure sustain it and you quickly realize that you are responsible for your business and you have to be in charge of everything; book keeping , marketing, graphic designer, customer service, and everything else to keep it going.

Pricing is the most challenging especially when you begin- you do not know if you right or if you are quoting prices that will keep you afloat.

3. Technical Issues

Every photographer needs to know and take into account a million of things. They need to know the best way to find duplicate files, as their computers are always filled with them; they need to follow all the camera trends to get the best possible models; they need to be able to create a perfect light even if the weather is not perfect; they need to be able to Photoshop photographs to a client’s taste, etc.

4. Work Life Balance

Wedding photography can easily take over your life – it is important to separate your personal life from the job and get the right balance. Keep your other relationship healthy by making time for family and friends because you can easily be isolated and exhausted by work.

wedding photography challenges

5. Weddings Are Seasonal

Oh yes! Weddings are not every day and even where there are a lot of them, they are planned for end of month etc. You will periodically find yourself out of a job and should find ways of getting money when weddings are not in season. Diversify your photography.

6. Success Is Not Easy

You need to succeed at business and photography. Additionally the market is always shifting and it requires that you adapt to the changes. This is why you need to figure out the problem of seasonality, and set profitable prices.

7. Responsibility

Wedding photos are full of one time moment and require utmost responsibility and concentration because there are no do-overs. Moments like the walk down the aisle, the first kisses etc. come only once. Never lose the understanding that you are photographing an once-in-a-lifetime event.

8. Tiring – Mental & Physical

Be prepared for long days and shoots that are mentally and physically demanding. Weddings can easily be between 8- 14 hours and you are required to capture moments throughout. Exercise, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and be prepared every time. Drink water and have energy bars during the event.

9. People Management And Skills

Remember, a wedding and generally photography is about people management and you need to have the right skills. You will need to take pictures of many other people apart from the bride and groom at a wedding. Be understanding, flexible, and patient.

10. Have A Unique Style

Develop your own unique style. Allow yourself to be creative and mould your own person and style of photography. Unique will get you more customers.

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