10 European Destinations for Incredible Photographs

There’s nothing more inspiring than a gorgeous destination for your photography hobby and one of the best places to find amazing spots to document is in Europe. This diverse continent has a well-rounded mix of old historical spots, new modern sights, and incredible natural scenery. Here are 10 spots to visit if you’re looking for something unique to photograph.

Palácio da Pena, Sintra

1. Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

Outside of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is the charming hilltop town of Sintra. While most of this gorgeous place could be the subject of your next series of photographs, the ideal spot is Sintra’s iconic Pena Palace. Simply board the train from Lisbon, and take the town’s bus all the way to the top of the hills at the palace’s entrance. Your camera will love the rainbow of colors at this surreal castle and its gardens. Take in the breathtaking views from the top of this beautiful spot.


2. Oia, Santorini, Greece

A visit to Greece should include a tour to at least one of the many islands that pepper the nearby Aegean Sea. One of the most popular islands to visit is the exotic spot of Santorini. You can get amazing shots from the tiny town of Oia, with its characteristic white buildings that have azure roofs. Your photos could be stunning works of art with the bright colors of the sea and the blue and white village.


3. Old Town, Bruges, Belgium

The carefully preserved medieval town of Bruges is another top spot that your camera will love. Springtime is a great season to visit this city that seems to come directly from a storybook. Take one of the cruises along the city’s canals, and capture some shots of the blooming flowers along the medieval stone architecture of this historic treasure.


4. The Cotswolds, United Kingdom

For a quaint village experience, try touring England’s Cotswolds region. This rural area offers your camera a variety of textures like mossy green exteriors, brown thatched roofs, and gray stony walls. Time seems to be at a standstill in this quiet place of the United Kingdom.


5. The Tulip Fields, Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re planning a visit to Amsterdam, make sure you take time for a day out to the tulip fields. You’ll have to time your trip according to the blooming schedule, which can vary from year to year during springtime. Once you arrive, you’ll not be disappointed by the vast rows of brightly colored blooms lined up along the road.



6. Tulum Ruins, Yucatan, Mexico

In Mexico’s Yucatan, you’ll find the ancient Mayan sites that are now in ruins. Some of the best sites are in the resort area of Tulum, which can be toured in less than a day. You can get stunning shots of what’s left of this former city along a backdrop of blue skies and turquoise waters of the adjacent beach. Then, go back to your resort in nearby Cancun for some relaxation and fun.


7. Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France

While Paris is the city of lights, France’s Normandy region is the spot that more photographers are choosing for its perfect mixture of light and unique sights. One of the best is the island castle fortress, Mont Saint-Michel. Surrounded by mud flats and water, this complex rises up from the tides like a fairy tale. Your camera can capture the unique medieval structures that make up the complex, or you can take some shots of the sun setting behind its iconic shape.


8. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

No visit to Italy’s Campania region is complete without a tour of the quaint seaside villages of the Amalfi Coast. Capture the pastel colors of the village houses along the hilly landscapes. Take some shots of the old fisherman bringing in the daily catch. Enjoy spotting groves of lemon trees along this stunning sight.


9. La Alhambra, Andalusia, Spain

You can get a taste of Spanish and Moorish history in southern Spain’s Andalusia region at the Alhambra. This fortress is set along a sprawling complex in the town of Granada. Document the intricate tilework and unique architecture of this region and time period. Your camera can capture the way the light shines through the geometric shapes carved into the exterior of the buildings, while the sun sparkles against the bubbling water of the fountains.


10. Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lastly, experience history by the sea in the ancient city of Dubrovnik. This photographer’s dream destination is encircled by a stone city wall. The limestone buildings are topped with uniform red roofs throughout the city. Outside of the city, waves of the Adriatic crash along the rocky cliffs. Your camera can capture this historic spot, which has been preserved for centuries.

If you are looking for spots around the world that will ignite your passion for photography, try some of the best-loved places in Europe. Bright colors, unique textures, and hidden treasures await you and your camera.

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