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1x.com is one of the world’s most exclusive curated art galleries.

The many photos on 1x.com are selected by a team of professional gallery curators, just like in a real photo gallery. 1x believes that everyone has an inner photographer just waiting to be discovered… and its aim is to provide the tools that will help you to take your photography to the next level.

Vesturhorn -
Vesturhorn – Jingshu Zhu

In their critique forum, senior critics submit expert feedback on your photos, to enable you to improve.

Getting published on 1x.com can feel like a major achievement. Many photographers whose work now hang in art galleries, were actually once discovered on 1x. So it’s no coincidence that many art directors, book editors and magazines all over the world, source their photos from 1x photographers.

Every day over 350 million photos are uploaded on Facebook alone. 1x is different – it only publishes a small amount of quality photos every day, giving them the exposure they deserve.

Autumn reflection
Autumn reflection – Dmitry Kupratsevich

How does the curation work? Well, each photo is first sent to other members for voting, when the photo has received 60 votes it will be sent to the official curators.

After voting is completed your photo will be sent to the official curators and the photo is then evaluated in terms of idea, mood, aesthetics, and technical quality. The curators consider the member score of a photo, but a photo with a low score can get published if it is unique and has a high quality.

Originality and variation in the gallery are very important.When the curation is finished you will receive an email if the photo was published.

two small children in the rain
Friendship – Iwona podlasinska

Improve your photography skills

There are many different ways to receive feedback on your photos on 1x, with an aim to improving your photography. Learning is one of the sites fundamental values and 1x believes that anyone can become a master with the right inspiration and feedback.

When you upload a photo to curation, members will be able to write helpful comments on your photos. There is also a dedicated critique forum for in depth feedback, with especially appointed senior critics who will help you to improve.

1x Magazine was recently awarded one of the Top 100 best photography blogs in the world by Feedspot.com. You can find their magazine here: https://1x.com/blog.


1x Photo Awards 2016

1x Photo Awards is 1 x’s annual photo competition.

This years award is the sixth annual photo competition and the competition is open to everyone of all levels and anyone can win. The deadline for entering the contest is December 23. The winners will be announced January 27, 2017.

All winning photos will be featured on 1x and our social media sites

There are 12 different photo categories that you can enter: Abstract, Architecture, Creative edit, Conceptual, Documentary, Fine art nude, Macro, Nature, Landscape, People, Still life and Street. You can select one category for each photo you upload.

The grand prizes

The grand prize is $20.000, the 2nd prize is $1000 and the 3rd prize is $500. There is a grand People’s Choice Award of $1000. There are also 12 different categories with 2 winners in each category, one selected by the judge and one People’s Choice winner. The total prize sum is over $30.000.

All winning photos will be featured on 1x and our social media sites, like Instagram (39.000 followers) and Facebook (184.000 followers). The 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners and the grand People’s Choice winner will also be featured on the front page cover of 1x.

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Judge Lois Lammerhuber
Lois Lammerhuber is the judge of the 1x Photo Awards 2016. Lois has been awarded 141 awards, photographed 72 books and is a member of the New York Art Directors Club since 1994. He is also responsible for the prestigious Alfred Fried Photography Award in collaboration with the Austrian Parliament and UNESCO.

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