8 Essential Travel Photography Accessories for Beginners with a Budget

Photos are the perfect way to reminiscence the great journeys you’ve made. When you are travelling the world, you want to capture it in all its glory, as best as you can. In order to do that, you often need a few more travel photography accessories to guarantee quality photos.

But what if you have a tight budget to work with? You don’t want your love of photography to cost you a fortune, especially when you also have to spend money on your travels. The good news is that when it comes to travel photography accessories less is more. Furthermore, the essentials won’t even break the bank if you’re smart where, what and when you spend.

Here are the eight essential travel photography accessories beginners need and which you can buy with a budget in mind.

A travel tripod

Perhaps the most crucial part of the travel photography kit you need to sort out is the tripod. Tripod is a useful accessory and it will help you capture the landscapes in style. It might also seem like the accessory that costs the most and is the toughest to transport with you on your travels.

The solution is the GorillaPod. The portable mini-tripod can attach to trees or stand tall on top of fences. It’s lightweight to carry and it won’t cost as much as the full-size tripods.

An extra memory card

You’ll most likely want to snap many photos on your journey. The photos can pile up because you won’t have time to start editing them there and then. In order to ensure you don’t run out of storage, you must buy extra memory cards to store your photos. There are plenty of options out there but you shouldn’t opt for anything below 32GB. SanDisk has some of the best SD cards on the market.

An SD card reader

While you might not have time to edit all of your photos, it’s a good idea to share few of them with friends and family. Getting your photos on social media and your blog is especially important if you’re a professional photographer – it will increase your marketing exposure.

An SD card reader is a must-have. For a budget-friendly solution, opt for the card readers that attach directly to your smartphone! Apple has one for iPhone – even though it’s rather pricey – and there are countless options for Android devices. The 3 in 1 OTG Host Smart Micro USB is a good option to keep in mind.

An extra battery/A power bank

When you’re spending a lot of time on the road, you might run into the inconvenience of having your camera’s battery run out. This will surely ruin your travel photography and you can prepare for it by packing an extra battery with you. The extra battery will have to be compatible with your camera brand and model so they are best found directly from the brand or big camera retailers.

If you want another alternative to help you keep shooting, you should consider a power bank. The power bank will allow you to charge your camera on the go – the best option is a USB power bank and one that offers solar charging. PortaPow is a budget-friendly option.

A short prime lens

You’ll most likely also want to pack up different lenses to give your travel photography a bit of an edge. Now, the choices you make will depend on your style of photography and your camera. So spend some time thinking about the kind of photos you want to take and browse through the selection of lenses available for your camera in order to pick the right one.

A camera rain cover

Depending on where and when you travel, a decent camera rain cover might come in hand. It ensures your camera won’t break down from being soaked and it actually makes it fun to shoot in the rain. For an affordable option, consider the Think Tank Hydrophobia covers.

An ND filter

Spending money on an ND filter won’t be necessary if you’re not going to photograph landscapes. But if you’re big on landscapes and even things like the night sky, then you’ll definitely need one. A good ND filter to consider is something from Canon’s collection.

A proper backpack

Of course, you don’t want to be walking around with your camera all day long. You’ll also need somewhere compact to put all the above accessories. A proper backpack is the solution to your answers. Now, you can find plenty of backpacks in all sorts of prices online and in-store. Some backpacks, sold as photography bags, tend to be more expensive than those that are just normal hiking bags.

However, they can be handy with special slots for the accessories and proper protection against the elements. One budget-friendly backpack to keep in mind is the Evecase Classic Canvas laptop backpack. It has plenty of positive reviews and it’s actually affordable.

When it comes to travel photography accessories, the above are affordable and they will give you great photos in a less budget.

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