A Guideline to Wedding Photography Styles

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. It deserves to be preserved in memory in the most beautiful way possible so that years later you can sit down with your family to reminisce about it.

When it comes to wedding photography, you have certain style options to choose from depending on how you plan on remembering your event. And to preserve your beautiful moments, following are some options you should consider before making a choice.

1) Digital or Film Photography

Digital is the most convenient and common way of shooting because it’s time-efficient, adjustable to all kinds of lighting, and easy to review. Film photography is quite outdated but it’s making a comeback for the right reasons.

Film has a very soft and rustic feel to it. Yes, it needs more money and more time spent but the results are fabulous. So choose what you feel is best. But remember that your wedding day is going to be maybe the most important day in your life and probably the extra cost will be worthy.

2) Candid Photojournalism

If you are a fan of vintage images, much like your parents’ or your grandparents’ wedding photos, then this style should be on your radar. This style focuses on romanticizing the most ordinary moments and adding an artistic touch to them.

With a spectacular backdrop to play with like that of Paris, your photos will look like a scene out of a Hollywood classic. Classic shots qualify amongst J. Leal’s finest work so you are in good hands.

3) Artistic or Stylized Photography

Every wedding photograph doesn’t have to be a perfectly posed frame-worthy picture. Artistic shots embrace the cute, intimate, and fun moments between the couple during the event and their shoot.

The artistic trend is followed by using hard lighting techniques to draw the attention to the subject and still incorporating a storytelling journalistic effect.
These are the ones you keep close to your heart as they are unique and beautiful. Paris being the most romantic destination wedding hub has the most scenic venues so you are guaranteed to get some stunning shots.

4) Lifestyle or Strobe Photography

Lifestyle photography has more of a photojournalistic approach to it as the pictures are candid yet staged. It’s the most wonderful concoction because the photographs exude a very classy yet approachable and relaxed aura. It’s all about clicking the right moments.

J. Leal has done a lot of work with this style and the results are stunning, so if you are looking for fotografos en Paris (photographer in Paris), he is probably your best option.

5) Dramatic

For those amongst us who love extravagance and glamour, this style’s for you. Dramatic shots play with lighting and it requires a lot of staging. If natural lighting is giving you a hard time, you have to be prepared with an alternate solution to create similar effects. Look for a professional who loves a challenge and dramatic shots are nothing short of a test.

We all have a different idea about how we want our special day to be captured and remembered. Always do your research beforehand and choose wisely because this day deserves to be immortalized in the most glorious way.

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