An Interview with Martin, The Co-Founder Of Evlaa

Today we interview Martin, the co founder of Evlaa.  We spend  some time discovering just what Evlaa is and just who are the innovators behind this new product which aims to help  photographers become more efficient.

We are 2 french guys behind Evlaa. Luc and myself (Martin). We met in our engineering school 7 years ago and we share a lot of stuff together from volleyball to skiing and from improv to entrepreneurship. We have built different projects together.

Interview with Evlaa founders
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Luc in a nutshell : technophile, optimistic and smile.

Martin in a nutshell : foodie, entrepreneur, positivity.

In just a sentence or two, can you explain what Evlaa is?

Evlaa is a tool for professional photographers which simplifies the workflow of photo selection with a client. It is based on a Lightroom plugin. You can publish a private collection and retrieve the ratings and comments from your clients without leaving Lightroom.

Evlaa is the simplest tool to speed up the photo selection with your clients.



Why did you start Evlaa?

Luc’s sister is a professional photographer in Paris. He spends a lot of time in her studio and has seen the struggle to retrieve the selection with a client.

His sister had to export her photos, use Wetransfert, Dropbox or whatever to send them to her clients. The clients needed to download the photos, visualize them and then write all the filenames of the ones they’d like to keep. Finally, they send an email with all these filenames and she has to retrieve the photos from her storage to work on.

This workflow is very time-consuming and error-prone. Luc didn’t believe that it was the easiest and fastest way to work with a client. That’s why he developed a prototype that she used a lot and was very happy to have.

When we saw that a lot of other photographers had the same struggle and wasted a huge amount of time, we decided to develop Evlaa and to help photographers become more efficient in their post-production workflow.

What is Evlaa utility for Photographers?

It is not enough to be an excellent photographer to have a successful business;  you must also manage a whole bunch of other things. Having the right tools and optimizing your workflow is a good way to stack the odds on your side.

By using Evlaa, we want to avoid the struggle to export photos, to follow-up with your clients, to receive an email with dozens of filenames to work on and to avoid a lot of errors. Evlaa will link the selection of your clients automatically to your photos in Lightroom.

You just need to publish a private collection (with a simple click) and to send the private link to your client. Then when the selection is validated, in one click, you will be able to download the ratings and comments in Lightroom.

With Evlaa, you will save a huge amount of time to focus on Photography and on the actions where you really have added value.

Additionally, clients love Evlaa as it is very easy to use for them as well. They don’t need to download any photos, software or whatever. They just need a browser and an internet connection. It’s incredibly fast to do the selection. We keep a very simple interface to highlight your photos and help your clients conveniently choose their selection.

If we had to summarize in one sentence, it would be this: Save time, avoid errors and unnecessary struggle!

What is the uniqueness of Evlaa?

The most important feature of Evlaa is that it is a very easy to use and efficient Tool, (for both sides : you and your clients). Let’s see it in our 1min demo.

It is perfectly integrated into Lightroom. We built Evlaa as a Lightroom Plug-in. So everything is entirely integrated into Lightroom and it’s designed to allow you to use it without leaving it.

You will no more have the struggle to export your photos and to retrieve the selection as everything is automatic and the selection will be linked to your photos directly inside Lightroom.

To be fully integrated with the different workflows and branding, you can easily customize your private collections and the way you download the selections.

So with minor change in your current workflow, you will be able to use it and to save time with all your clients.

All our plans are unlimited. As we want to make it really simple, we decide to only have unlimited plans (one monthly and one yearly). We want that you focus on your job, on photography and not on quotas or whatever. We want that you use Evlaa with all your clients without any restrictions. Unlimited collections, unlimited photos, unlimited selections for less than 3 coffees per month…

We allow you to test Evlaa for free (and without any credit card) for 15 days to have a deep comprehension on how it can help you to save time and avoid errors.

It is totally secured. As Evlaa is designed to do the selection, we only upload low resolutions photos (1000px side max). Your high-resolution photos don’t quite your computer and we never have access to them.

You can automatically add a watermark to your photos to secure your photos.

Besides, all the private links are random and unguessable. That’s why we don’t need to use Password (it’s really easier to use and more friendly without a password).

As soon as you delete a publish collection in Lightroom, it is no more available on Evlaa and your clients will no more be able to visualize these photos.

To summarize, Evlaa is a very easy to use tool that will simplify your life a lot when you need to deal with a client. You will have a very professional and efficient workflow without big effort to adopt. A huge time-saver and unerring tool for you and your clients.

Anything else you’d like to say to Apogee readers?

We always want to hear constructive feedback from photographers and clients to make the experience incredible. I encourage you to have a test (we have a free 15 days trial) and let us know your thoughts. You can contact me directly at to talk about it.

Our mission it to solve this struggle with simple and efficient products as Evlaa. We already have users from all around the world and we have great feedbacks. That’s why we strongly believe that we could help more photographers to save time. So feel free to share it with your fellow photographers.if you feel like it is an interesting tool.

Thank you so much for reading.

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