Border to Border- Travelling Across North India

Copyright 2008 Joan Ubide

BABA IN PUSHKAR, 1/60 F/3.8 ISO 100 50MM

Travel facts and tips:

In India domestic flights are rather cheap, around 3,000 rupees (60 Euro). The main companies are the following: (recommended)


Nearly the whole country is connected by train. There are three classes: SEAT (advisable only for short distances), Sleeper 3AC and 2AC. To get your tickets at the train station, you have to know the number of the train, which is rather confusing, so you can ask a travel agency to purchase your tickets. They charge a 50/100 rupees (1 or 2 Euros) commission.

Anyway, if you have time to do it, I recommend traveling by train, although it’s a bit chaotic and you travel with a few harmless mice. If you have no time, fly, but arrange your reservations with plenty of time to get a good price. Don’t leave India without getting on a train.


There are lots of buses, precarious but they work, advisable for short distances only. Moving by bus is easy and very cheap. There’s always someone who calls out the destination from the door. Ask the price from the people who are waiting to buy. The sellers may try to overcharge you.

Room and Board

In the main cities, head to the market area, where you’ll find lots of hotels and guest houses for 200-500 rupees (4-10 Euros). The food is excellent, but do ask that it’s not too hot. Living properly in India can cost about 300–1,000 rupees a day (6-20 Euros).

The North route can easily be traveled in a month.

Best regards to all of you, and especially to all the people I have met during these months.


Copyright 2008 Joan Ubide

GIRL IN RAJASTHAN VILAGE, 1/40 F/3.2 (EV-0.33) ISO 100 50MM

Copyright 2008 Joan Ubide


Copyright 2008 Joan Ubide

GATHS IN THE GANGA, 1/100 F/16 ISO 100 105MM

Copyright 2008 Joan Ubide


Copyright 2008 Joan Ubide

GIRL IN PUSHKAR, 1/30 F/2.8 ISO 100 50MM

Copyright 2008 Joan Ubide

GIRL IN PUSHKAR, 1/60 F/4 ISO 100 50MM

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