China Photography Tours: The Way To Find Hidden Photographic Potential

China photography tours are a great way to see parts of China that you would otherwise ignore or not know about. Why is this the case? Well, unlike more general tours which take in traditional, popular tourist destinations, a photography tour has the potential to take you to places that are hidden and relatively unknown and unseen by visitors.

When we go on general sightseeing tours, we are just seeing a small segment of a place. This is more so when we go on a tour of a particular town or city. While there are some photographers who enjoy taking pictures of all the usual landmarks in their own style, there are many more photographers who prefer the road not taken by many. Photography tours are a great way to do this, particularly photography tours Asia wide. China is such a vast country with a fascinating history. There is much to see here that, to locals, may look mundane; but to the photographer, it may offer an insight into something they have never seen before. In China, there are a number of cities well suited to photography that are generally not high on the tourist list. The likes of Xidi and Hongcun are ancient, eye-catching villages that are now protected by UNESCO's World Heritage Sites list. Then there is Xitang Water Town – a riverside location that is connected by bridges and small boats. Instead of being an architectural museum or a tourist hub, the town continues to operate in a quotidian way. There are many more towns to see in this way across China with the right tour.

It's natural that you may be worried about booking a tour on the roads less traveled, but China photography tours offer a glimpse of rural Chinese life that the mainstream tours cannot. Apogee Photo Magazine will often recommend tours from China and across Asia, as well as tips and techniques to make your photography better. To find out more, just visit us at