Denali Photo Tours: Must See Places

Denali photo tours can offer a terrific way to take in the Denali National Park. When it comes to wildlife photography in North America, it's pretty hard to beat Denali. It offers a chance to see Alaska's 'big five' wildlife attractions in one place – wolves, caribou, dall sheep, moose and bears.

As such, wildlife photography tours of Denali are a definite must if you're a dedicated photographer. While normal tours are a great way to view a lot of Denali, they are not the best way to photograph Denali. Just as you're about to capture the perfect shot with the perfect light, you can easily find yourself fighting 50-100 people all striving to achieve the same; or being herded back onto the tour bus before you're ready. Photography tours take into account the patience required to snap ideal shots – often moving in groups of less than a dozen and going to the locations that offer the best light rather than the best tourist appeal. At Denali, it's even possible to hire an airplane or helicopter so that you can snap some truly unique wildlife photography from the air that would be otherwise impossible to capture. A good photography tour of Denali will not only take you to the must see places within the park, but also in the reaches beyond. The likes of the Anchorage, the Wrangell St. Elias Range and the Chugach Mountains all offer great photographic opportunities. For those invested in wildlife, Lake Clark and Nome are great places to see brown and polar bears respectively.

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