Fine Art Photography: Stepping Stones on the Road to Your Successful Camera Career

A lot of people have access to a camera these days, which means anyone can become a photographer. However, in order to make it into a career, you need to enter into a niche and be able to market yourself correctly.

Fine art photography is one of the ways in which you can pursue a career, and with the right techniques, marketing and uniqueness, there’s no reason why you can’t.


From learning what type of fine art paper you should be using to creating a list of contacts, there are a number of ways you can pursue your career as a photographer. Here are just some helpful tips….

Be Unique
As there are many photographers in the industry, it’s important that your images stand out from the crowd and offer people something different. Your work needs to be strong and with so many how-to guides and courses available online, you can achieve this from your own home.

Take a look at other photographers’ work and focus on the ones that you love, studying how they achieve the images that they’re creating. Try to recreate the images they’ve taken so you can get a feel for what you should be doing (this isn’t copying so long as you don’t market these pictures as your own or try to sell them!).

You Won’t Be Successful Overnight
Unfortunately, it’d be incredibly rare for you to go from an unknown photographer to a famous one overnight. It takes time to build up a following, and you need to be prepared for this. Don’t be disheartened if you take a great shot and fail to get it noticed, it’s going to take a lot of patience to get where you want to be.

However, persistence is the key, and this is what will set you apart from all of the other wannabes who get fed up of trying.

It can be difficult at the start, and you will receive negative comments and dismissals from people but this is all part of the learning curve. The more people see of you, the more of a gathering you will get and the more positive and heart-warming comments you’ll receive.

Be Active with Your Marketing
In order to get your work out there, you’re going to have to be very pro-active with your marketing campaigns. Don’t wait for work to come to you; go out there and find it instead. Reach out to potential clients whilst marketing the work you’re doing in your spare time.

Don’t be afraid to approach companies that you’d like to work with – or if you think you’ve got an image that they could use, send it to them! Reaching out to businesses, art consultants and interior designers that don’t have much art displayed on their walls is a great way to sell your prints.

Talk to them about displaying your work (even if it’s for free) so you can build up your portfolio. Nothing will look better than if you can say “As seen displayed in X company’s store” on your website or portfolio.

Corey Adair is a keen photographer who has a passion for capturing landscapes. He has knowledge in printing and mounting work through working in a gallery, and likes to share his knowledge with other like minded creative people.

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