Fotografiska: A Photographers Jewel In Stockholm


Fotografiska is a photography museum in Stockholm which residents get to visit whenever they want, which makes them some of the luckiest visual arts lovers in the world.

Despite the fact that it’s typically called a museum, it is not. Not only does the establishment not house any collections of their own, but they don’t wade into the research world and are, in fact, a for profit business, but that shouldn’t turn you off to what they have to offer the world.

They’ve been in business for almost a decade and have put some of the finest photographic works on the planet out for display.

Contemporary is the name of the game

This photography museum Sweden calls its own, was founded by Jan and Per Broman in 2010. They brought on a very well respected and highly regarded advisory committee and have dedicated all of their exhibitions specifically to the world of contemporary photography.

This business model lets new photographers display their artistic creations to people from all over the world and reach the eyes of those who might otherwise not get a chance to see what they have to offer.

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Fotografiska Offer Tons Of Courses

One of the best things about this photography museum offers to the world is its vast collection of classes and workshops that anyone can attend. From portrait development to getting high quality images out of your phone, you can really study anything that you’ve ever wanted to here.

Students aged 14 to 18 have the chance to take a summer vacation course after the school year ends. This course brings in teens and teaches them how to develop their photography skills while keeping them engaged though out the weeks of the class.

Even new parents can spend their maternity leave learning how to properly document their child’s young life. These courses are creatively designed to bring out the best photographer in everyone.

The food philosophy

Even the food offered at the restaurant is taken very seriously and looked at very creatively. Without offering a traditional menu, all of the ingredients in this mostly vegetarian place are sourced around the corner from the Fotografiska and prepared by the chef to be an experience for all of the senses.

The handpicked ingredients are then combined based on color, form, aroma and texture to give a culinary experience like no other in the world.

Rotating exhibitions

What really sets the Fotografiska apart from traditional museums, is that their floor space isn’t taken up by their in house collections. Every few months, they welcome in a brand new artist to exhibit his works to anyone who cares to take a look.

From Gus Van Sant to Annie Leibovitz, some of the best photographers in the world put their work on display here, as well as plenty of up and coming artists. The large size of the building ensures that there’s plenty of space for everyone.

Plan a trip next time you visit Sweden!

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