Habits That Can Slow Down The Editing Process

After a day of shooting photographs, it can be discouraging when the editing process gets slowed down.

Many photographers prefer to shoot in RAW as it offers greater editing capabilities, but it also can slow down the editing process.


You can speed up your editing process by using the tips below.

There are a variety of things that can slow down the editing process of your images.

  • Transferring your image from camera to computer is the first issue that slows down the editing process. It takes longer to transfer photos when you connect your camera to your computer for download. Using a card reader is fast, and they are inexpensive to purchase.
  • Often “you” are the second problem that contributes to slow editing by being a perfectionist, and you are like every other photographer. Do you find yourself spending a long time editing each image? Cut back and stop editing when the image looks good, and don’t try to create the perfect photo each time.
  • Not knowing how to use your camera also adds to the editing time. Learn all the ins and outs of your camera, and you can get the focus, composition, and white balance correct in the camera. The more you do in your camera, the shorter your editing time will be.


Ways To Speed Up The Editing Process

Speeding up the editing process has been made easier by software companies that create preset actions that provide one-click improvements.

  • While you are editing, shut down all you other programs. Less drain on your computer, will give you more power to work with. Make sure your computer has plenty of RAM. It’s fairly inexpensive to add additional RAM, and it is something you should consider. Check to see how much RAM your computer can handle and max it out.
  • Using presets, such as Photoshop Actions, can speed up the editing time considerably. Instant options provide rich color edits, black and white conversions, beautiful overlays, and dozens of other fast and beautiful edits. Dull skies can be brightened and enhanced, and light can be added where needed. Presets can also give you soft dreamy looks for romantic images, lovely matte finishes, and skin tone adjustments.
  • I would also suggest deleting photos that will require a lot of editing without the promise of success. You can waste a lot of time trying to turn a weed into a flower. Spend saved time in editing your best images, and the process will go much faster.
  • If possible, download all your photos at night while you are sleeping. One time-consuming job will be out of the way, and you will be ready to start the editing process. Faster editing times will put your work in the hands of your customers sooner.

By using these tips you can speed up your editing process and accomplish more in the same amount of time it used to take.

Georgia Preston is a photographer by trade, running a portrait business from her home studio. She writes about taking better photos, the editing process and running a creative business.

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