How to Make Every Room in the House Instagram Worthy

As homeowners, it’s just normal for us to showcase our home. After all, it’s one of our biggest investments. In addition to spending a lot for the home itself, we’ve also been spending a lot in making sure that every room is awe-inspiring.

This is why compliments are always welcome. We expect our guests to complement our home, although we act all surprised when they do. We also expect a flood of likes whenever we post a room in our house on Instagram.

So why did your latest post on Instagram of your kitchen only get 2 likes – one of which is from your partner who’s just starting to explore Instagram?

It’s because you have to stage your home for Instagram. With many beautiful rooms being posted there, you have to follow some tips on how to make every room in the house Instagram worthy.

Follow these Tips to Get a Flood of Likes

These tips will help make your room/s stand out on Instagram. You don’t need Instagram filters (although they help!) if you follow these tips:

  • Remember that less is more.


Look at the most popular Instagram posts. There’s a good chance that you won’t see clutter in them. The key to making a room Instagram worthy is to highlight its best features, which will be very hard to do if there’s a lot of clutter.

Clean up your mess. Before taking a picture of your kitchen, make sure that there are no dirty dishes on the sink. Make sure that there are no used utensils on the counter. You’d want to highlight your beautiful kitchen, and not the fact that it’s messy.

  • You can’t go wrong with white.


The color white is stylish and chic. With the many colors on Instagram feeds, a splash of white will surely make the user stop and look. It’s also very clean. You can also easily match other colors with it.

This is not to say that you should go all white. White can be your major color then use other colors to complement it.

  • Brighten your photos with plants.

House plants can spruce up any home. They have an amazing effect on guests. They’re nice to look at and very therapeutic. It’s what they usually notice first in a room. The same effect can be had on Instagram.

Instagram users love these plants. If you love looking at them in real life, you’ll love looking at them even more in a picture seeing how photogenic they are.

Going back to the previous tip, you can use plants to complement a chic white theme. The plants will surely stand out. They will help you make a statement.

  • Use carpets and area rugs!

There’s a reason why they’re conversation starters in any home. They can complement or provide an amazing contrast in any room! Using them also allows you to play around with different designs, colorways and patterns, which will surely make for interesting Instagram photos! Use them in boring bedrooms or home offices and watch as they make your photos pop out.

Make sure that they’re clean though. Dirty carpets will reflect poorly on you.

But even a beautiful floor without carpets and area rugs can be beautiful for Instagram. For example, a clean hardwood flooring will be the envy of many Instagram users, so make sure to zoom out the photo to include it.

  • Have focal points in every room.


These focal points should draw the attention of the viewers to them. It can be edgy artwork or maybe an antique phone. No accessory is too small for this. As long as they’re elaborate, they’ll be seen.

A well-stocked bookcase or a nice reading nook can be a good focal point. You don’t have to be a voracious reader to do this. It’s just for the ‘gram. Magazines neatly strewn on top of a coffee table will work as well. These tips work because a lot of people would want to see what’s on your to-read list.

You can also include your pet in the photo! Instagram users love pets!

  • Decorate a wall in each room.

The most popular Instagram users follow a simple tip – they pose against the wall. Of course, it’s a beautiful and interesting wall.

This is why you should also decorate at least a wall in your room. Decorate it with artwork. Use plants. You can also keep it simple by painting it in a nice color or pattern. Make sure to include this wall when taking pictures of the room.

  • Know how to take a photo.

There’s no going around it. For your rooms to become Instagram worthy, you have to know how to take a photo. A bedroom that’s misaligned in a photo will never be Instagram worthy, no matter how beautiful it is.

Here are some very important tips:

  • Decide what you want included in the frame.

  • Align the frame. Make sure that the things you want included are in the frame.

  • Take the picture at around the height of your belly. It can be a bit higher or lower. This allows you to include everything you want included in the photo.

  • Make sure that all lines – vertical and horizontal – are straight. When in doubt, take advantage of the grid feature of your camera!

  • Take advantage of Instagram’s features.

While the tips listed above will help make your home’s rooms Instagram worthy, it wouldn’t hurt if you’re going to take advantage of Instagram’s features. For this purpose, you should take advantage of the filters and the ability to use hashtags.

Feel free to explore and experiment with filters. Also, check out the most popular hashtags used for specific rooms of the house. Use them to expand your reach. You’ll also gain some nice followers in the process!

As you can see, making rooms in your house Instagram worthy is easy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do so. Try these tips today!

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