How To Make Money From Your Travel Photographs

Photography, like everything else in the world right now has evolved a great deal. In the past, the only way a photographer could make income was by getting paid to take photos of family, friends, and neighbors and getting paid for it.

As technology evolves, so has the ability to make photography a full time career. With the advent of the internet, there are numerous ways that a hobby photographer can make income and even travel while doing so.

This article helps you learn how you can make $2,000 or more just by doing photography. This may help you to raise money for a trip or any other of your numerous needs.


Combining Various Streams of Income

The first thing that a photographer should learn is how to combine various streams of income to gain better earnings. This way, even when one stream of income dries up, one can still travel comfortably. This is easy considering that most end users of these photographs ask for different kinds of photos.

Publication in Newspapers and Magazines

Among all the other methods mentioned here, this might be the oldest and most well-known. It is also one of the most stable ways to have your work published. This is especially so in cases where one gets a stable job with a major media outlet.

However, with the increase in the number of photographers approaching these same media outlets, competition has risen greatly. As such, one can spend a great deal of time making a pitch to get your work published rather spending quality time in the field. In most cases, the best you may hope for with physical and online publications is occasional work.

Blogging on Travel Photography

This has become a very popular way of making money to both professional and amateur travel photographers. In most cases, it entails telling your travel stories through writing and sharing the photos you have taken along the way.

A photographer can run a personal blog, build traffic through quality work, and then offer advertisement space within published pages.
One can also sell products such as books and photography travel guides in the blog.

When it’s done right, this can be one of the most lucrative income sources for a photographer. For those who do not have their own blogs, they can still share their photography work through freelance writing. This can be as a paid essay writer or as a guest blogger.


Through Social Media

Social Media has become one of the best avenues for advertisement and self-promotion.

While most people do this just for fun, serious photographers have learned how to leverage their followers for money. With the right goal in mind, this can also become an easy and lucrative market for travel photographers.

In most cases, photographers, make money by working with other organizations. These include hotel chains, tourism boards, and brands seeking large audiences to advertise to.

One example is food photography. In this case, photographers are paid to go to various outlets by hotels to take photos, sample their food, and offer reviews. With their large social media followings, they can greatly influence opinion towards certain products.

Another example is being paid by tourism boards to travel to various places within a country, take photographs, and offer positive reviews.

The goal in this case is to attract tourists to visit these destinations. The challenges with this approach is building a large following and getting the right clients.

Teaching Photography

Thanks to the power of the internet, teaching online courses has become a very popular income earner for photographers. For example, there are many people in the world today, who would like to know how to become travel photographers.
Rather than just sharing this information for free, one can make a course and sell it online. For example, one can teach How to Take Photos That Sell as a Travel Photographer’. You can then sell such a course on platforms like Udemy or Teachable.


Every year, sharing online videos keeps getting more popular. YouTube, which is the most popular video sharing platform, offers the opportunity to make money from popular videos.

With the right set of skills, one can convert quality photos into videos that can be shared online. Creative photographers can base their videos on various themes to make them more interesting. For example, one can make time-lapse videos on a location one has visited numerous times.

As you may have noticed, most of the options offered above are heavily dependent on one’s creativity. The more creative you are as a photographer, the easier it will be to travel the world and make money while doing it.

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