Insect and Spider Photography Tips

Exploring the world of insects and spiders can be very rewarding. When you train your eye to look closely, you’ll begin to find these miniature creatures everywhere. Grab your camera and macro lens and have some fun with spider photography.

You don’t have to travel far – wildlife preserves, parks and even your own backyard. Staying in your local area and visiting a location often will provide you with great home field advantage, while keeping your travel expenses to a minimum.

During your repeated visits, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the habits of insects and spiders and study favorable flora around where and on which they reside. As you gain more and more knowledge and experience, your spider photography techniques and skills will improve greatly.

Enjoy implementing these hands-on Insect and Spider Macro Photography Tipographics in your area.

Spider Photography Tips

Fly on red flower drinking from water drop: macro insects and spider photography tips by Juergen Roth and Marla Meier.

Part 2

Green Lynx spider on cone flower: macro insects and spiders photography tips by Juergen Roth and Marla Meier.

All text & photos: © 2013 Juergen Roth and Marla Meier. All rights reserved.

Image of Juergen Roth.

Juergen Roth

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.” – HENRY D. THOREAU

Juergen Roth Artist Website
Juergen Roth Photography
All text & photos: © 2013 Juergen Roth.
All rights reserved.

Juergen Roth was born and raised near Cologne, Germany. In 1988, he moved to Berlin West where he, along with other photographs, were showcased in a local show. Following several visits to New York City, Juergen was honored with a solo exhibition of New York photographs in Berlin. Since 2001 he has been living in Brookline, Massachusetts. His work has been published in books, calendars and magazines. Juergen finds inspiration at the nearby Wildlife Sanctuaries, as well as, in the beautiful landscapes of New Englands’ National and State Parks/Forests. Juergen has always regarded nature as the ultimate inspiration.

by Juergen Roth & Marla Meier
All text & photos: © 2013 Juergen Roth and Marla Meier. All rights reserved.

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