Japan Photography Tour: The Best Places To Photograph In Japan

Japan photography tour guides can offer a truly amazing, unique way to see Japan. These tours can either allow tourists to see sights that most mainstream tours don't show, or will allow tourists to see popular locations from a more photogenic perspective.

Three of the more obvious choices for photography tours are obviously Tokyo (Japan's capital), Osaka and Kyoto (Imperial Japan's capital). They offer many places to photograph, but given that many photographers like to see life outside of the tour bus, the smaller cities and towns of Japan can be more suited to the intrepid explorer. Hiroshima may forever be associated with the atomic bomb, but there are some stunning sights here such as the Itsukushima Shrine which has been located in this spot since the year 1168. The gate is submerged by water at high tide, but you can walk out to it at low tide. Then there's Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka which features rolling hills with literally millions of varying flowers – a truly outstanding photographic opportunity. To continue with the flower theme, Ashikaga Flower Park in Ashikaga displays a garden of hanging wisteria that have been there for nearly 150 years and are illuminated in a breath-taking manner at night when they are in season. For something more action-packed, Sakurajima by the city of Kagoshima may be the answer. The volcano erupts and explodes hundreds of times in a year – sometimes multiple times in a day, and then sometimes not for months. This is just a small taster of the sights you could see and photograph with properly planned and led photography tours Asia wide.

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