Kauai Photography Tour: Where Is Best For Photographs?

Kauai photography tour opportunities are a great way for both budding and established photographers to see the beautiful “Garden Isle” of the Hawaiian archipelago. An island that is mainly comprised of a tropical rainforest is always going to be full of photographic opportunities, but you still need to know where the best potential is located.

Given the relatively small size of Kauai, it's very easy to see most of the island within a week. Despite the rainforest being of interest, the coastlines and beaches can offer some of the best opportunities for photography. Na Pali Coast is one of them. While you can snap it from land, serious photographers may want to consider a boat or helicopter tour. Some of these will be able to offer photography tours or, at least, have an understanding of what a photographer will want to see whilst on the island. This will allow you to photograph the island from perspectives that others on land will not be able to imagine. For inland options, Koke'e State Park offers stunning vistas complete with misty clouds and cliffs. The Waimea Canyon is an option for those looking to explore a part of the island that is out of the way (or as out of the way as it can be for a small island). The Canyon features a number of trails that were specifically put together with intrepid photographers in mind. There are many photographic opportunities on the island, despite its small size, and travel photography tours may be the best way to take in this stunning location in a stress-free manner.

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