Moab Photography Tours: What To Expect

Moab photography tours have grown in popularity over the past few years. With numerous Americans now finding photography more accessible due to the mainstream availability of digital SLR cameras, many are looking for opportunities to test out their newfound photographic abilities. For this reason, Moab is one of the places where any photographer in North America should visit.

This isn't because Moab could be seen as a 'training ground' for other exotic locations, but because the area offers a chance to take some of the most unbelievable photographs. Why? Because the temperamental light conditions in the 'red rock country' combined with the uniform color of the landscape can provide an almost infinite stream of wonderful photographic ideas. Good travel photography tours of the area will be tailored to suit the best times of day for the environment – sunrise and sunset. Both these times of day can cause the rocks to 'glow' in a truly spell-binding way that a cloudless, mid-day light just cannot emulate. Interesting cloud formations can also add to your photos in Moab; and even rain adds an extra layer of intensity to the red sandstone too. Photography tours of the area will take in the likes of the beautiful Island in the Skye area of the Canyonlands National Park as well as the Dead Horse Point State Park. But it is ultimately the Arches National Park that offers the largest variety of photographic opportunities – with many areas of the park offering better photo moments during different times of the day.

Good Moab photography tours and guides will be aware of the best locations during these times and it's a really great idea to take advantage of this local knowledge to enhance your photography. At Apogee Photo Magazine, we like to showcase the best tours in North America and worldwide for photographers of all skill levels. To find out more, and to read our experts' continual flow of useful photography tips and techniques, just visit