Mongolia Photography Tour: Great For Landscapes And More

Mongolia photography tour packages have become popular amongst experienced and professional photographers. With Mongolia's famous landscapes offering up an array of ways to play with sunrise, daytime and sunset, it is the dream destination for the dedicated landscape photographer – particularly those with an adventurous side.

And it's that last part that should be emphasized: adventurous. To find the best possible photographic opportunities in Mongolia, you're going to have to have to deal with heat and bumpy or non-existent roads; and have the ability to embrace a very different culture. Photography tours Asia wide often have some familiarity, usually in the form of large cities where recognizable comforts can be found, but Mongolia is a very different country – sparse, vast and often isolated from major cities and built-up areas. These photography tours through Mongolia will be more like treks and they are not for the faint-hearted. For those who love the wilderness, it will be an enchanting experience. For those looking for wildlife photography opportunities, you'll also find camels, wild horses, sheep and goats scattered around the grand landscapes to help add interest in the foreground of your shots. Because of the flatness of Mongolia's land, it's important to find those points of interest in the foreground to establish a sense of scale in photos of the monumental views. However, it's also important to capture Mongolia beyond the landscape 'postcard' images – wander through the villages and look for exciting images that challenge perceptions and myths about the Mongolian people.

For those landscape photographers with a stomach for adventure, a Mongolia photography tour is more than worth its weight in gold – it's priceless. At Apogee Photo Magazine, our team of expert writers recommend the best photography tours in Mongolia, Asia and across the world – as well as a healthy dose of tips and techniques to improve your photography. See for yourself at, where you'll find content for both the nervous beginner and the seasoned veteran.