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Bird Photography: image of Black Phoebe by Colin Dunleavy.
© Colin Dunleavy. All rights reserved.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. – Chinese Proverb

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Tracking a Bird in Flight – Photography Tips, Part 1
Learn about camera equipment and setup used, focus, continuous shoot, f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO.
By Andy Long

Tracking a Bird in Flight – Photography Tips, Part 2
Learn about where to focus and learn in-air, take off, landing, and panning techniques.
By Andy Long

7 Tips for Wild Raptor Photography
Learn about these magnificent birds and how to photograph them in order to create great images.
By Jeff Parker

EARTHFLIGHT: A Nature Special Presentation
From a bird’s-eye view – wildlife spectacles, struggles, migrations, and stunning landscapes.
A John Downer Production for BBC

7 Tips for Photographing Birds in Flight
Learn about camera gear, focusing, shutter speed, panning and how to practice.
By Jeff Parker

Guide to Hummingbird Photography – Create an Outdoor Studio
Get set up for photo sessions and learn camera and lighting techniques.
By Jeff Parker

Florida Birds: Photography Tips & Photo Gear
A guide to locations, practicing and camera gear.
By Michael Leggero

Bird Photography: Interview with Colin Dunleavy
An “amateur” photographer who knows his way around birds. Get some tips to creating great bird images.
By Noella Ballenger

Photographing the Penguins of Antarctica
Travel to Antarctica and get some tips on photographing Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adélie penguins.
By Michael Leggero

Winter Photography: Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, Part 1
Noella Ballenger and Richard Mittleman take you to New Mexico – photograph Snow Geese and Sandhill Cranes.
By Noella Ballenger

Winter Photography: Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, Part 2
Back to New Mexico with Noella Ballenger and Richard Mittleman – pick up a few tips on finding the subjects, spotting birds and photo ethics.
By Noella Ballenger

Bahamas Flamingos: Heart, Mind & Image
Jim Austin gets playful as he stretches his creativity during the editing process…find out more.
By Jim Austin

Birding Photo Trip: When Plans Need to Change
Not all goes according to your plans. Learn how to adjust to new photo conditions.
By Noella Ballenger

Reality at a Rookery: A Bird Photographers Dream
Travel to an Egret rookery–of all places, near a hospital in Dallas, Texas.
By Andy Long

National Wildlife Refuges: A Special Birding Treasure
Look all around! The land and skies are full of opportunities to capture great bird photos as they migrate to warmer climates. Noella Ballenger will give you some guidelines to follow when visiting wildlife refuges.
By Noella Ballenger

Strange Partners: Photographing Wading Birds
Travel to Fort DeSoto Park, Florida and photograph the water show put on by the wading birds.
By Andy Long

Unexpected Opportunities
Learn how to find & make photographic contacts for photographing birds.
By Andy Long

The “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of Bird Shoots
Learn photography techniques for getting good bird photos.
By Mike Goldstein

Pinellas County: A New Hotspot for Florida Bird Photography
Learn where you can go in Florida to photograph a large variety of bird species.
By Andy Long

~ Tragedy to Triumph ~
His two nest mates were shot & killed! Find out how “The Lone Survivor” was rescued and released.
By Noella Ballenger

(Follow-up to “The Lone Survivor” is:)Anne’s Story…The Release of an Eagle
Find out what it feels like to not only hold aneagle, but to send 7000 prayers to heaven.
By Anne Westfall

Penguins of the Falkland Islands
By Andy Long

Bosque del Apache: Photographing Birds in New Mexico
All of you bird photographers won’t want to miss this.
By Andy Long

First Class Photography: Shooting Birds
Bird photography is fun, but not always easy. Learn how to get started.
By Willis T. Bird

Ruffed Grouse Photography
Pick up some tips on photographing the male Ruffed Grouse “drumming”.
By L. L. Rue III

The Gannets of Bonaventure
Bonaventure Island, on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula – home to the largest gannet colony in North America.
By L. L. Rue III

Birds in Flight
Get tips for the photographing birds in flight.
By Andy Long

Success – At Last! Photographing wood ducks.
By L. L. Rue III

Seven Swans a Swimming: Time & Tide in Photography
A reflective look at the importance of photography as a process.
By Jim Austin

Nesting Birds
Get tips on photographing birds in their nests.
By Andy Long

First Class Photography: Bird Photography
By Willis T. Bird

Burrowing Owls
By Andy Long

Great Blue Herons
By Andy Long

Eared Grebes
By Andy Long

Avocet Photography
Its bill, feet and shape help identify this bird.

By Andy Long

Bald Eagle
America’s national bird.
By Andy Long

Viewing Through a Grid
Bird photography. By John Gerlach

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