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Image of landscape and seascape at sunset by Michael Legerro.
© Michael Leggero. All rights reserved.

When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence. – Ansel Adams

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Creating Cloud Stacks in Photography
Stack ’em high! Learn how to make multiple photos and use an image stacking software program to make one image.
By Andy Long

Creating Harmonious Flow in Landscape Photos
Learn about foreground to background flow using lines, layers, textures, and color.
By Andy Long

Earth Portraits: How to Photograph Close-ups in Landscapes
Learn how to extract the details out of a scene.
By Andy Long

Ethics in Landscape Photography – The Photographer’s Role

Commentary: Learn how nature and landscape photographers share a common responsibility to preserve the natural world.
Commentary by Lee Watson

Photographing Snow
Get tips on getting around, photo subjects, exposure, condensation issues and more.
By Andy Long

Lewis Kemper: A “Light” Photographer
Landscape photographer and educator creates stunning images with the use of light, color and composition.
Interview by Noella Ballenger

Nature Photography: Compose Your Own Mona Lisa
Learn how to create nature photos – visualize a scene, slow down and arrange the compositional elements.
By Jeff Mitchum

7 Common Landscape Photography Mistakes & Solutions
From horizon lines and lens to composition and light, this article will help you make stunning landscape images.
By Michael Leggero

Nature Photography Locations: When Plans Change
You’ve arrived – ready for the adventure! Make changing trip plans part of the adventure.
By Michael Leggero

7 Tips for Composing Fall Photos
Learn about photo light, color and the color wheel, lines and texture to compose autumn photos.
By Jeff Parker

Fall Foliage Photography Tips
Get ready for autumn. Learn how make great images of those colorful leaves.
By Juergen Roth and Marla Meier

Photographing Thunderstorms
Learn how to track them and techniques on composition, gear, lighting, and safety.
By Michael Leggero

Landscape Photography: Death Valley
Travel to eastern California, where a diverse ecosystem awaits and awakens your physical and photographic senses.
By Michael Leggero

Landscape Photography or “Bigfoot”?
Visit the Olympic Peninsula – home for Sasquatch. There are incredible photo opportunities as you explore an amazing ecosystem.
By Michael Leggero

Photographing Hawaii – Part 1: Moving Water
Pick up some great tips on how to get around and make images of waterfalls, streams, and rivers.
By Michael Leggero

Photographing Hawaii – Part 2: Venturing into the Lava Fields
Take a photo adventure to the Kīlauea Volcano lava flow. Get some tips on how to get around and make photos.
By Michael Leggero

Tips for Making Terrific Landscape Photos
Pick up some great ideas on how to create beautiful images – prairies and deserts to the mountains and streams and waterfalls to the sea.
By Noella Ballenger

Photographing in Antarctica
Take a photographic journey to the wilderness called the White Continent-mountains, glaciers, icebergs and penguins.
By Cliff and Doris Kolber

Winter Wonderland: Photographing Fresh Snow
Read some composition ideas and techniques – sunrise, sunset, civil twilight, HDR and more.
By Andy Long

White of Winter: How to Capture & Work with Snow Photos
Get compositional tips on how to keep the white of snow white, from histograms and exposure settings on your camera to post production work in Photoshop.
By Andy Long

Photographing the Colors of Autumn
Learn how to make your images real “eye catchers” when creating color photos of fall.
By Andy Long

Photography: A Merger of Your Senses, Words & Photo Skills to Create Photo Memories
Learn how to share your photographic vision and make a connection with your viewer. Travel to California’s Carrizo Plain.
By Noella Ballenger

Weather, Light & Trees: New Twists to Old Photo Subjects
Get tips for taking photos of trees–use weather and light to enhance your photos.
By Andy Long

Landscape Photography: Accessing Your Photo Options
Learn what qualities of design will make the best landscape photos.
By Noella Ballenger

The Solitude of Winter
Visit a winter wonderland with snow covered landscape photography.
By Andy Long

Changing Light: Photographing the Landscape in All Types of Light and Weather
By Dave Potter

Photographing Frozen Beauty
Learn how to photograph the scenes of winter while surviving the challenges of the cold.
By Brenda Tharp

A Different Kind of Moon Photo
Learn how to plan and execute your own moon photo in with landscapes.
By Andy Long

Seascapes & Water

Photographing Waterfalls
Learn how to use compose and use shutter speed and exposure to create the beauty of rushing water.
By Jim Altengarten

Seascape Photography
Guidelines for camera equipment and settings, composition and the elements of design.
By Edwin Brosens

Photographing Hawaii – Part 1: Moving Water
Photo tips on how to get around and capture great images of waterfalls, streams, and rivers.
By Michael Leggero

Photographing Water: Silky Water Effects and Reflections
Learn how to create photos by including both moving or still waters in your images.
By Juergen Roth

WATER: A Life Theme & Photographic Playground
Learn how to create photo subject Life Themes – when and how to use those photo subjects for photo creativity.
By Noella Ballenger

Reflections: They’re More than Just a Photo
Learn how to reflect on yourself and your evolution as a photographer and see water reflections.
By Andy Long

Here’s an opportunity to learn some photo techniques from Andy Long when shooting fast moving water.
By Andy Long

Catching Waterfalls
Andy Long gives us some tips on how to make successful waterfall images.
By Andy Long

Photographing Dewy Wonders
By John Gerlach

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