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Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift. – Albert Einstein

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Outdoor Photographers Be Aware: Protect Yourself from Harmful UV Rays
Enjoy all those outside photo opportunities, but take preventive measures and lower your risk for skin cancer.
By Marla Meier

Photographing in the Last Frontier – An Overview of ALASKA
Learn how to plan and prepare for a nature and wildlife adventure in “The Land of the Midnight Sun”.
By Joseph Classen

Photographing the Four Seasons of Kodiak Island, Alaska: Spring and Summer
The Emerald Isle of Alaska offers great nature, landscape and wildlife photography opportunities..
By Joseph Classen

Photographing the Four Seasons of Kodiak Island, Alaska: Autumn and Winter
Nature, landscape and wildlife photography opportunities on Alaska’s Emerald Isle.
By Joseph Classen

Photographing Wildlife in the South Texas Brush Country
Learn about the weather, when to go, where to go, and what animals and birds to photograph.
By Jeff Parker

Costa Rica: Tips for Photographing Nature
Learn about the country, its ecosystem and photographing animals, birds and reptiles.
By Joanna Livingstone & Todd Gustafson

10 Tips for Using Natural Photo Light
Learn about the direction, quality and color of light used in nature images – pick up an exercise and techniques on how to “see” it.
By Noella Ballenger

Studio Photography: Fossils
Learn what equipment is needed to set up a photo studio within a museum room. Learn how you can capture detailed images of fossils.
By Edwin Brosens

Winter Wonderland: Photographing Fresh Snow
Compositional ideas and techniques for sunrise, sunset, civil twilight, HDR and more.
By Andy Long

Mastering the Art of Intentional Camera Movement
Learn how to capture great nature abstract images using ICM–what subjects are best and how to set up your camera.
By Juergen Roth

Exploring Ideal Photography: Fact AND Fiction
Be prepared and flexible when looking for ideal nature photo subjects, conditions and locations.
By Andy Long

Biodiversity: How to Photograph Science Researchers at Work
Get photo tips on the visual impact needed to show the important work of scientific researchers.
By Edwin Brosens

Photographing the Aurora Borealis: Tips on Capturing Nature’s Light Show
Photo tips on capturing images of the dancing northern lights. Learn when they typically occur, how to set up your camera and how to make the images.
By Andy Long

The World Around Us: Photographing the Beauty of Nature’s Creations
Take the time to observe your surrounding before clicking on that shutter button.
By Andy Long

Isolation: Two Divergent Views of a Photographic Topic
Learn ways to depict isolation when photographing your nature subjects–a location, a feeling, a photo technique.
By Andy Long

School’s in Session for Nature & Wildlife Photography
Learn what study & research goes into your equipment and photo subjects in order to capture great images.
By Andy Long

Simplicity: A Distinctive Photographic Form of Art
Focus in – keep it simple! Learn how to create eye catching nature photos by using good compositional techniques.
By Andy Long

The Other Side of Photography
Becoming, looking and the inner self. Learn how to create great nature photos by tapping into what’s behind the camera.
By Andy Long

Nature Photography in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
Visit a photographically rich area.
By Mike Goldstein

The Need for Speed: Wildlife Action Photography
How fast do you need to be to catch wildlife in action?
By Andy Long

Timing is Everything…
Photographing the golden hours of nature’s light.
By Christopher K. Sandberg

Photography Passion
What does it mean to have passion for your photography and why it is important to your photographic process.
By Andy Long

Mood Photography
Are you able to capture those elements in your photos to create a mood?

By Andy Long

Plan B
Learn what to do when photo conditions change at your destination.
By Andy Long

The Little Things
Sometimes it is the little things that make a great image.
By Noella Ballenger

Shooting Unique Atmospherics – Storms and Sunsets
The sky offers amazing photo opportunities. You just have to ready for them. Check out this article.
By Brenden Joel Reid

Why Nature?
Ever been asked why you shoot nature? Here’s some answers to that question.
By Noella Ballenger

Patterns in Nature
Looking for patterns is one way to improve your photography.
By Andy Long

Leave the Best to Your Creative Intuition
The more you know about photography, the more you want to learn – the results of a photo exercise in a class with Freeman Patterson.
By Noella Ballenger

Nature by Design
Learn how to “see” better when trying to get that great nature photo.
By Noella Ballenger

Star Trail and Moonlight Photography
Learn how to get the most out of your nighttime photos.
By Chris Groenhout and Czesia Markiewicz

Using a Diffusion Cloth
Learn how and why to use a diffusion cloth for your nature photography.
By John Gerlach

A Guideline to Good Nature Photos
By John Gerlach

Photo Expression: Nine Steps to More Creative Images
By Brenda Tharp

Winter Nature Photography
Winter offers many photographic opportunities
By John Gerlach

The Art of Nature
By artfully including existing design elements, you can create a photograph with higher visual impact. An article on composition
By Brenda Tharp

The Art of Nature, Part 2
Bringing together elements of visual design as they apply to nature photography.
By Brenda Tharp

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