How to Photograph Insects

June 30, 2016

When I was twenty I bought my first camera (Minolta 5000i), and after some weeks of taking photo after photo after photo, I was still disappointed with my results when [read more]

Seascape Photography

June 29, 2016

Look for the element of shapes within the image frame when creating your seascapes. There are multiple triangles within this photo. Sony Alpha 33 + Sigma, 10-20 f4-4.6, f/22, 1/20 [read more]

Photographing Frozen Beauty

June 29, 2016

Winter Pond, Wyoming It’s so cold, the air sparkles with ice crystals. The atmospheric conditions of the night before created beautiful hoarfrost, and everything is literally be-jeweled with it. Even [read more]


June 29, 2016

Read where to go to capture wildlife photos in Alaska. Eagle call – Haines, Alaska. The Bald Eagle Preserve along the Chilkat River offer some great close-up shots of eagles [read more]

The Art of Flower Photography

June 28, 2016

Winter is often a time to stay warm inside and follow up on digital files or pursue my passion for indoor studio flower and macro photography. I usually search the [read more]

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