Paint Like Monet With Photo To Watercolor App

Waterlogue and Photo Painter

Photography can get pretty serious when we spend hours in heavy lifting programs to digitally process our images. At times it is fun to lighten the mood, fire up a lightweight app for editing photos, and let loose your mobile Monet and Seurat. Here we’ll look at a two photo to watercolor apps.

Waterlogue mobile app for iPhone, and Photo Painter for Android let you do just that, so if you love to paint your photographs with a flair for Impressionism, read on…

Example 1 : WATERLOGUE MOBILE APP: Saint George Ukrainian Catholic Church NYC, iPhone 6 SE [ Before and After photography and artwork are (c) Rob Bridges and are used by permission of the artist.]

Photo To Watercolor App

Example 2 : WATERLOGUE MOBILE APP FOR MAC: Astor Place Art Nouveau Subway Station Exit opened 1904, East Village New York City, iPhone 6SE. [ Before and After Image and artwork (c) Rob Bridges.]

Choosing Your Photo To Watercolor App


More than just lightweight, the Waterlogue app is loads of fun. If you use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or share photos on social media, check it out and share your stuff.

Waterlogue for Mac works with your iPhone. It supports Airprint. Since it exports at high res, the prints from the app are of decent quality, so some artists are using it for exhibits.

Waterlogue let’s you change a photo into a watercolor with 14 Preset styles. The fun part is that you can watch as it makes these transformations happen. This is especially great for kids, to get them interested in the possibilities of photography! It’s fun for older kids who are creating an artistic journal for travel or a personal project…and in fact is a splendid choice for anyone looking for a photo to watercolor app.


Photo Painter is another fun painting app. If you’ve previously enjoyed Photoshop’s filter effects, this is something new for your mobile device. Like Waterlogue for iPhone, Photo Painter from Imagic Mobile offers an equivalent Android app in the Google Play Store. Photo Painter creates effects from Pointillism, Realism and Expressionism.

Choose your image and it opens in the app. The interface is easy to use. There is even an option to halt the stroke process to achieve a look of part photo, part painting.You choose frames by swiping up or down, and choose preset styles by swiping right or left. It is easy, just tap the effect you want. Below, I chose Impressionism for the effect.

Example 3: Photo Painter Impressionism at work. Tapping the canvas/easel icon gives you the 6 different Photo Painter effects.Photo Painter goes to work. On your screen, you can watch as the program applies thousands of strokes to your image. When painting is completed, you can add a frame around your image.


Both of these photo to watercolor apps are free shareware to try.

About the Author: Jim Austin Jimages MA, SPE is a photo educator, Apogee Photo Coach, and a member of the Society of Photographic Education.

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