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Cover of book See the World Beautiful.

See the World Beautiful

See the World Beautiful

By Anne Menke (Author), Tommy Hilfiger (Foreword)

Anne Menke is one of the foremost fashion photographers and her work is stunning. In 2012, this book was first published and now Glitterati is making it available in a luxurious limited edition.

What is so striking about this book is that as Ms. Menke traveled the world she has woven the people and a sense of location into the exquisite work she does with fashion. This isn’t a book that you might expect to see with run way models and haute couture, but it shows more of the origins of fashion that come from indigenous cultures. It is obvious that she connects with and enjoys the people she meets on her travels and this is reflected in her images.

A wonderful book that is an outstanding example of how to connect with people from all areas of the world and how to bring forth that connection as an invitation to share their world. The photography is beautiful and makes a strong point about people and location photography regardless of where you travel.

Hardcover: 256 pages

Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated (October 16, 2012)

Language: English
User: All photographers

Cover of book Schatz Images - 25 years.

Schatz Images Flexicover: 25 Years, 2-Book Boxed Set, Limited, Signed, Numbered Collector’s Edition With Print

Schatz Images – 25 Years

By Howard Schatz (Photographer)

It is almost impossible to comprehend the depth and scope of Howard Schatz’s outstanding photographic images. Coming through a mid-life change in careers from a world renowned ophthalmologist, retina specialist and Clinical professor and medical text author, he began to take his photography seriously in 1987. Since that time he has excelled in the world of photography winning almost every award, having his work published in 20 books and exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide.

There are two books in this retrospective of his work over the last 25 years and they reflect his interest in people, motion and light. Some of the subjects we see in these images are dance, underwater studies, motion studies, and Liquid Light studies. But also included are some wonderful works in botanical, fashion and beauty, redheads, and Body Knots.

Schatz’s photography goes beyond what you would ever imagine. He transforms your thinking about a subject into something so much more. The images leap off the page and stick in your memory. There are few artists or books that offer so much to the viewer. There are 1083 images from 32 individual and personal projects made over the last 25 years in this two-volume set and they offer a life-time of study and enjoyment.

Boxed Flexcover, 2 Volumes: 832 pages

Publisher: Glitterati Incorporated; Slp edition (May 15, 2015)

Language: English
User: All photographers

Cover of book A Last Glance: Trading Posts of the Four Corners.

A Last Glance: Trading Posts of the Four Corners

A Last Glance: Trading Posts of the Four Corners

By Edward Grazda (Photographer), Willow Roberts Powers (Contributor)

There is one special location in the United States where the corners of four states (Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado) come together and it is here in some of the most beautiful and desolate areas that Native Americans and Anglos came together to trade. From around the 1870’s, goods such as rugs, baskets, and jewelry were traded for oil, flour, coffee and other supplies. Although there are still some of the trading posts in their “original” form today, many of them have become convenience stores and gas stations while others have disappeared or been vandalized. Sometimes there is only the trace of a foundation or wall, and in other cases, nothing at all.

This book gives one a glimpse of what was an integral part of Western American history. The trading posts were still alive and a major part of the community in these isolated locations for more than a century. As a visitor, it was a wonderful way to spend a few hours looking at all of the interesting goods and selecting a few to take home with you.

The excellent photographs are very interesting and showcase these special locations. The book is a great addition for the libraries of visitors to the area, historians and photographers with a desire to step back in time.

Hardcover: 120 pages

Publisher: Powerhouse Books (November 3, 2015)

Language: English
User: All photographers and historians

Cover of book Made in Brooklyn: An Essential Guide to the Borough’s Artisanal Food & Drink Makers.

Made in Brooklyn: An Essential Guide to the Borough’s Artisanal Food & Drink Makers

Made in Brooklyn: An Essential Guide to the Borough’s Artisanal Food & Drink Makers

By Melissa Schreiber Vaughan, Susanne Konig (Authors); Heather Weston (Photographer)

This is definitely the wrong book to pick up when you are hungry or wanting just a taste of something special!

Brooklyn, New York is emerging as the center of craft foods and drinks and this book tells you where to journey for those special treats. Over 110 different Brooklyn makers of food and drink are featured with a biography and photographs of their products. For example, you can find artisan breads and pastries, donuts, coffee, liquors, and beer makers. There are cookies and candies and frozen popsicles. The book lists shops, markets and liquor stores that feature these products.

The book details an informal walking tour where you can find merchants and makers who offer tours, tastings and workshops. The photography is lovely and certainly highlights the goodies that are just awaiting you. Very enjoyable book.

Hardcover: 208 pages

Publisher: powerHouse Books (October 20, 2015)

Language: English
User: All photographers and “foodies” who enjoy a dining adventure

Cover of book New York Hidden Bars & Restaurants.

New York Hidden Bars & Restaurants (Jonglez)

New York Hidden Bars & Restaurants (Jonglez)

By Michelle Young (Author), Laura Itzkowitz (Author)

Going to New York for a visit? Live there? Want something special to see and do? If you pick up this little book, you won’t be disappointed. This is an unusual guide book because it leads you to places and adventures that you certainly would never discover on your own. Looking for a great donut? You can find gourmet donuts in a carwash. How about visiting a ”spycraft-themed” basement bar or a speakeasy that you enter through a phone booth in a hot-dog stand? Sound like fun? How about rubbing elbows with United Nation delegates or enjoying an aperitif in a Victoria parlor? There is a huge variety of places to visit and things to see in this easy to use guide. Regardless of what dining/drinking experience that you prefer, you will probably be able to find the perfect location in this guide.

This is a super addition to some of the other guides this company offers in their “Secret” cities series that focus on special locations in cities in the United States and Europe. These are unique guides and great to have along as you wander and photograph.

Paperback: 256 pages

Publisher: Jonglez Publishing; 1 edition (October 7, 2015)

Language: English
User: All photographers and travelers

Cover of book Sinai: Landscape and Nature in Egypt’s Wilderness.

Sinai: Landscape and Nature in Egypt’s Wilderness

Sinai: Landscape and Nature in Egypt’s Wilderness

By Omar Attum

There are many who travel to Egypt to see their famous attractions, including the pyramids, Great Sphinx and ancient temples of Luxor. However, few visitors go into the Sinai Peninsula because of its extreme weather and remote locations. But having said that, this book looks at the natural beauty of the land and the fascinating creatures that are found there. It’s not a kind land. The summers are broiling hot and the winters can be bitter and then there is the sweeping winds across the northern sand dunes. It’s harsh, rough land that tests intruders relentlessly, but it is also stunningly beautiful.

Omar Attum is a wildlife biologist and professor at Indiana University Southeast. He fell in love with the Sinai at age 16 and has returned frequently to survey and conduct research on the peninsula. He has done a wonderful job of documenting a fascinating location and the many critters that share the space. His joy and love of the area comes through his writing and his photographs.

This is definitely a book for the armchair traveler as well as the more adventurous among us who would want to explore a little known but spectacular area of the world.

Hardcover: 192 pages

Publisher: The American University in Cairo Press, 1 edition (October 15, 2014)

Language: English
User: All photographers and travelers

by Noella Ballenger

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