Photo Tours Prague: What You Need To Photograph While Here

Photo tours Prague wide are a great idea for those with the heart of a tourist and the mind of a photographer. Rather than taking in the stunning city of Prague on a traditional tour, why not bring your SLR or DSLR with you and go on a different type of tour whilst improving your photography skills?

For those looking to do photography tours Europe, Prague is as great a place as any. Prague is often seen as a rather romantic city – no doubt helped by beautiful swans gracing the river banks, its cute cobbled roads and the striking Gothic towers that loom large into the city skyline. These are all great things to observe whilst on any photography tours of the city or when you are just wandering. As for locations, the Golden Lane offers beautiful, colorful buildings and house to snap alongside a cobbled lane. Make sure to arrive early in the morning before the masses of tourists and locals arrive. For those who are able and not averse to small walks, it's worth heading up to Letenský profil. This park features terrific overviews of the city and the Vltava River which runs through it. Featuring numerous vantage points, it's a terrific way to take some beautiful landscape and vista shots of the whole city. The Vltava River itself is mesmerizing – particularly when coupled with the very grand, bohemian Charles Bridge. With the help of a guide who knows the area, you should be able to find some lovely viewpoints around the riverbanks that offer the best lighting and best photo opportunities.

There is absolutely no doubt that photo tours Prague are the best way to see the city from the perspective of a photographer. Apogee Photo Magazine recommends numerous photo trips to Prague which would be well suited to photographers of any skill level. For more tours, or to check out our extensive library of photography tips and techniques from experts, visit today.