Photographer Of The Week : Giampaolo Flamini

This weeks ‘photographer of the week’ is  Giampaolo Flamini .


I took these photos with the intention to make people understand the actual condition of pollution in the world through images. My “Galla Muta” project combines two images to create a real double exposure and allows the viewer to perceive two different situations. This picture tells the deforestation. All the photos were taken with a Canon Mark II.



In this photo we see how air pollution caused by factories is at very high levels. The toxic substances that industries release into the atmosphere, significantly change the chemical composition, with sometimes irreparable damage to both the environment and the buildings, both primarily causing lung disease, skin, immune and liver, as well as various forms of cancer.

Pollutants, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and ammonia, produce acid rain, which pollute forests, rivers, lakes and other natural areas.




This Photo talks about the oil pollution. Estimates of oil spills at sea are an average of 4 million tons per year for the entire planet and 600,000 tons for the Mediterranean alone. The environmental impact is destructive: damages for physical phenomena and direct toxic to macrofauna, killing plankton, poisoning marine animals, deterioration of the plumage of birds.

About Giampaolo :  Giampaolo Flamini is a photographer and artist born in 1991 in Rome. He worked in private archive of images and old footage and also as scene photographer in various Italian films and documentaries. He currently works as photographer, graphic designer and artist in Italy and Europe. He graduated in photography at IED in Rome. Website: Facebook: Giampaolo Flamini Instagram: Giampflam


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