Photography Tour Edinburgh: Should You Go On One?

Photography tour Edinburgh operators offer tourists a way to see Edinburgh in a way that is far more suited to the eye of the photographer than that of the everyday tourist. It allows those with an enterprising spirit to see parts of this old, haunting and beautiful city that aren't often seen by tourists.

But are such photography tours really worth your time, money and effort? As a tourist, it can obviously be good not having to fret about shots and just taking in the scenery. Of course, as we photographers know, that isn't going to last long. If you've got the equipment and the passion for photography, you should always take your gear with you – especially on vacation. If not, you'll regret it! The great thing about these tours – and indeed any photography tours Europe wide – is that you don't lose out on the tourist experience. In fact, if anything, it will help you embrace and retain knowledge from your guide. When on a big tour, it's easy to get distracted by the sheer number of people and miss out on what a tour guide is saying. With a more intimate photo tour of Edinburgh, you are much better placed to hear everything that is being said. Not only that, but you also have specific opportunities to photograph the sites that are being discussed – allowing you to look back at your snapshots and recall the meaning and stories behind your pictures. Once you've taken a photo tour, it will be hard to take any standard sightseeing tours again!

Now that you're sold on the idea of a photo tour, what photography tour Edinburgh based guide should you choose? Well, let Apogee Photo Magazine help. We run a website packed full of knowledge, expertise and advice from photography experts – including recommendations for the best photo tour guides across Europe. Just visit to find out more today!