Photography Tour London: Are They Worth It?

Photography tour London based experiences should definitely be on the top of any photograph's list when visiting this sprawling metropolis. But are these tours really worth it over conventional guided tours? What benefits will you get out of booking a photo tour of London?

These are good questions that could be asked of any photography tours across the world – why choose them over traditional tours? Thankfully, there are very good answers at hand. Guided tours in general are not set up for photographers. Think of all the times you've been on a tour. Even those taking smartphone photos and selfies can easily be left behind if they're not fast enough, so what chance does someone looking to perform proper photography have in such an environment? Photo tours put the emphasis on photographers. Groups are small, patience is valued to enable everyone to get shots that they are happy with, and you also benefit from the expertise of an experienced practitioner who can recommend the locations with the best lighting. This is true of photography tours Europe wide, of course, but London, as aforementioned, is a metropolis. It is crowded and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on around you. A photographer who knows the city can help you cut through the noise and will be able to guide you to the spots that matter to make sure that you walk away from the city with snapshots that fill you with pride and satisfaction.

So is a photography tour London worth it? Absolutely! And at Apogee Photo Magazine, we're here to help you find the right photo tours in both London and across Europe. We only recommend the best tours, which you can find at While you're there, feel free to brush up on your photography techniques by reading our continually updated expert content.