Photography Tours NZ: What To Capture

Photography tours NZ are a great way to take in this beautiful and fascinating landscape that offers the richest of nature's diversity – all in the space of two islands. Home to a culture that is both modern and familiar while steeped in indigenous traditions, New Zealand is a cornucopia of photographic potential.

This is especially true of both Wellington's Mount Victoria on the North Island, as well as the South Island's Fiordland and Southern Lakes. Those visiting these locations will likely feel a sense of deja-vu – especially if they don't know beforehand that these locations were used as the setting for 'Middle Earth' in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie series. As such, it's easy to find photography tours for those looking to snap 'Middle Earth' – particularly as the Hobbiton Movie Set has been preserved. But there is much more to New Zealand than fantasy and fiction – beaches, forests, farmland, mountains and even fiords await those who want to enjoy an expedition into this great wilderness. Each time of year in New Zealand brings about a different environment to snap. Spring brings rain and overflowing waterfalls, while summer brings a warm light and an enchanting contrast between the blue sky and green grass. The fall creates dramatic color contrasts; while winter often brings out snow, mist, glaciers and iced-over rivers. Be sure to take in specialized travel photography tours in selected locations such as Wellington, Wanaka and Tongariro National Park.

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