Photography Tours: An Excellent Way To Develop Your Photography Skills

Photography tours and vacations can be an adventure which allow you to explore new, exciting destinations or see familiar settings through fresh eyes. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced photographer, you can make new friends who have similar interests and improve your photography skills with the assistance of professional photographers. There are a huge number of organizations out there offering a wide range of different tours. To ensure you get the most out of your trip, there are several aspects to consider before you go to make sure you benefit from the best photography experience.

The Range Of Animals You Can Photograph On Different Wildlife Photography Tours

If you are thinking about wildlife photography tours for example, consider the range of wildlife you are likely to encounter. If you are interested in photographing the ‘Big Five’ game animals, then African photo safari tours are for you. On these tours, you should be offered the opportunity to photograph the African lion, Cape buffalo, African elephant, rhinoceros and African leopard as well as a myriad of other wildlife species such as antelope or zebra. However, photography tours are available across the wider world which specialize in animal and bird species from polar bears to puffins. Make sure you check out the photos of any trip’s host photographer. You should find their work inspires and motivates you to want to take photos with a similar style and feeling. Many photography travel companies have online galleries which showcase their tours. If the company you are looking at does not, it might be a negative indicator. You can also check the professional photographer’s work via their personal website or social media. Photography, like any art form, is very subjective and this will give you a good idea of the photographer’s skill level and style. Does the photographer take the type or style of photo that you like and aspire to?

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What Is The Ideal Group Size For Travel Photography Tours?

The number of other photographers present on travel photography tours can make a huge difference to your experience. Tours with between eight and twelve participants are often rated by other photographers as among the best in online reviews. With this number, there will be enough people to allow development of the camaraderie that makes these photography tours such a fun and worthwhile experience. However, include more than twelve and it may be difficult to take good photographs when you are trying to capture a scene or location. If, for example, you are on an Everglades photography tour, a large party could be distracting to the subjects you are trying to photograph, possibly even frightening away the very animals you came to photograph. Similarly, if you are trying to capture landscapes or landmarks, a large party could reduce the choice of angles or lighting available to you for your own picture. Also, and perhaps most importantly, a smaller party guarantees that you will have plenty of opportunities for valuable one-to-one time with the professional host photographer to help you develop your skills or understanding of what is possible with your camera. Photography tours that are well guided are invariably highly rated by previous participants.

What To Look For When Booking Photography Tours Asia Wide

If you are considering traveling to far flung and exotic locations, such as photography tours Asia wide, make sure you check out the itinerary carefully. There are some general travel companies who market a ‘standard’ tour to photographers by simply adding ‘photography’ to the title and employing a lead photographer, but without necessarily altering the itinerary. More specialized organizations, which are often run by photography professionals or enthusiasts, develop itineraries which are sympathetic to both the locations you will be visiting and the customs and habits of locals. Taking photographs on the wrong day or of the wrong object might cause huge offense. A well planned tour will arrive at a location when the lighting conditions are most conducive to taking the very best photographs. For example, on a Thailand photo tour, a temple might be best photographed when lit by the gentler light at sunrise or sunset. If the tour visits the site at midday, the light will be harsher and it will be more difficult to get the best or most atmospheric photograph. Similarly, photography may be banned during a religious ceremony, which may make a visual spectacle for ‘normal’ visitors, but offers limited opportunities for photography.

Look For Flexible Schedules When Considering Photography Tours Europe Wide

It is also worth researching or asking about the flexibility of the schedule when you are looking to book your tour. Some tour companies are reported as being much stricter than others. If you are considering photography tours Europe based, imagine being on the shores of a Scottish Loch where it has been raining for most of your visit. Suddenly, there is ideal light and you see photo possibilities all around. Will your schedule allow the group to extend its stay and be late for the planned lunch reservation or not? Finally, it is worth looking at the level of instruction which might be available, and whether the photographer on your proposed tour is willing and able to teach you. This can be important whether you are a beginner or a more experienced photographer. How good is the teaching reputation of the photographer on your London photography tour? Is the photographer on the tour the right person to help you achieve your desired outcomes? At this point, you are probably wondering where you can find such information and details about specialist companies offering tours specifically designed with photography in mind. One answer is Apogee Photo Magazine.

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