Photography Travel Adventures – St. Petersburg Russia

Copyright © Noella Ballenger

The Church on the Blood was built on the site of an assignation.

Copyright © Noella Ballenger

It was one of the most stunning churches I have ever seen. Try different angles for a new perspective.

Copyright © Noella Ballenger

Hermitage: A large malachite and gold vase is a highlight in the gallery. It was huge and beautiful. 

Copyright © Stan Westfall

We enjoyed an evening that highlighted Russian traditional instruments and folk dances.

Copyright © Noella Ballenger

One of the beautiful walkways in the Hermitage. It is covered entirely with ornate art.

Copyright © Sunny Asch

The interior walls and columns of the Church on the Blood are marble. The ceilings were painted and ornate.

Copyright © Stan & Anne Westfall

The Hermitage is one of the most famous art museums in the world. It houses many of the world’s finest painting, sculptures and art works. Notice the green drape around the outside of part of the building. We noticed that when a building was under repair, they would drape the outside and paint it with the way the building would eventually look.

Copyright © Stan & Anne Westfall

This hall of Catherine’s Palace, top to bottom, is lined with family portraits.

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Be sure to join us next month as we Cruise the Waterways.

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by Noella Ballenger

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