PHOTOMONTH IN KRAKOW 2007 MAY 4 – 31, 2007

If you are planning to be in Europe this month, don’t miss PHOTOMONTH IN KRAKOW!

The Photomonth in Krakow – the 5th edition , Opening of the festival, exhibition of Przemyslaw Pokrycki: Rytualy Przejscia, Starmach Gallery; Tomasz Gutkowski – General Manager, Krakow, 05/04/2007
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The “Photomonth in Krakow” is one of the leading European photography festivals, a cultural event on an unprecedented scale with a very high artistic rank. Every year the festival includes nearly 50 individual and collective displays. In addition, there are numerous concurrent events such as demonstrations of film and slides, showing of documentary films, lectures, workshops, and discussions, as well as portfolio reviews. The festival’s events take place in the best Cracovian galleries, cafes, pubs and places adapted for the duration of the festival.

Some of the world’s best artists were invited to take part in the 5th edition of the “Photomonth in Krakow”. The Special Guest country of the 2007 Festival will be Germany, and the role of guest superintendent will be undertaken by Mark Power, photographer of the prestigious Agency Magnum.


Like last year, for the entire month of May, Krakow will be overcome by photography. Festival exhibitions will be presented in a dozen or so of the best galleries of the city, and also in famous Cracovian pubs and cafes, as well as places tailored for this event’s needs. The festival will be the only opportunity to the look round at the antique interiors of Goetz Palace in the former Okocim Brewery, as well as the halls of the ”The Enamel” Factory of Oscar Schindler made famous by Stephen Spielberg.

The novelty of this year’s edition is the series of exhibits presented in private flats in the center of Krakow. The ”Photomonth in Krakow” is set on urban ground, and a systematic viewing of the exhibitions gives one the opportunity to study the city from its core and to view the places normally not mentioned by guidebooks.

The Photomonth in Krakow – the 5th edition , Opening at ZPAF Gallery, exhibition of Martin Parr: Autoportraits; Karol Hordziej – Artistic Manager, Krakow, 06/06/2007
© Wojciech Matusik/

The Festival is going to begin with a modest exposition in the Starmach Gallery on Friday, May 4th at 5 PM. On first week of the event – from May 4 to 13 – all expositions and the concurrent events are planned. This will be the best time to visit the former capital of Poland. The great majority of exhibitions will be displayed from the first day of the Festival to the end of May 2007. The detailed program, together with the schedule of events, as well as the plan of the city with marked festival locations, is available in all galleries, tourist information points, hotels, cinemas, pubs and cafes.

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Organizers: The Foundation for Visual Arts, The Imago Mundi Foundation

The Program Council: Karol Hordziej (Artistic Manager / Foundation for Visual Arts), Piotr Lelek (Executive Manager / Foundation for Visual Arts), Andrzej Kramarz (Artistic Deputy Manager / The Imago Mundi Foundation), Łukasz Trzciński (The Imago Mundi Foundation), Wojtek Nowicki (The Imago Mundi Foundation)

Partners: Hewlett – Packard Poland, Sigma Pro Centrum, Goethe Institut, Pro Helvetia, Dom Norymberski, the City of Krakow, Manggha Centre, Bunker Sztuki, Starmach Gallery, Pausa Foundation, Nordic House, Turlej Foundation, Akademia of Photography

Media partners: Gazeta Wyborcza, Przekrój,, PR Trójka, Aktivist, Exklusiv, Foto, Biuletyn Fotograficzny,,,

Dates: May 4 – 31, 2007

• Festival Opening: Friday, May 4, 5.00 pm, Starmach Gallery

• Expositions and concurrent events: May 4 – 13, 2007

• Exhibitions at work: May 4 – 31, 2007

Photomonth in Krakow 2007– basic facts:

  • 5th edition of the Festival

  • 45 expositions

  • 30 locations

  • 120 artists from 15 countries

  • 30 concurrent events (movies, workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews)

  • 70,000 visitors (300,000 together with the outdoor exhibitions)

  • Special Guest country- Germany

  • Guest Superintendent – Mark Power / Magnum Agency

Contact: / +48 504 170 641

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