Product Review: Gossen Digipro F Exposure Meter For Flash & Ambient Light with Swivel Head

Photo provided by Gossen.

Get the Correct Exposure while Photographing

All photographers worth their salt have blown an exposure or two while working in difficult lighting situations. The Gossen Digipro F Exposure Meter is an accurate and convenient tool to solve these exposure problems.

In the following video product review, you’ll see how their new exposure meter works, an un-boxing of the meter, real-life uses in the field, and the advantage of using an incident meter over an in-camera reflective meter for getting successful exposures in challenging light.

In my opinion, the Gossen Digipro F Exposure Meter is a superb piece of camera gear to add to your photography tool kit. It allows film speeds from ISO 3.2 to ISO 8000. The micro-processer controlled meter measures shutter speed readings from 1/8000 second to 60 minutes, and aperture readings from f/1 to f/90. It’s flash sync speeds range from 1 second to 1/1000 of a second. The Digipro F gives precise, accurate readings. Also, its contrast range function, multiple flash calculations, and programmable exposure corrections are all effective and easy to use.

Incident Light Metering

To properly expose a scene, you need to measure the amount of light that exists in that scene. There are two ways to do this: an incident meter reading or a reflected meter reading. The Digipro F includes both types. The video shows the incident meter feature.

As you’ve seen, Gossen’s Digipro F incident meter measures the light falling on the subject, even when back-lit or in scenes with a lot of contrast. It provides a clear display of shutter and aperture settings, even under dark, bright and high contrast conditions.

Reflective in-camera light meters can give misleading readings since they are based on middle gray and they average the exposure to 18% gray. Try photographing someone on a really bright day, or when light is bouncing up from water or sand, and your in-camera meter can give inaccurate exposures. In the video above, we saw how the Gossen Digipro F solved this problem and gave a perfect exposure in a bright, back-lit scene aboard a sailboat.

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Jimages Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 stars

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