Ron Veto

I was blessed with my first Brownie 127 box camera at 10 years old. I was hooked for life. ron-veto

My eyes were opened and I caught the sweet disease of photography. While most of my friends were building model airplanes, I was collecting discarded soda bottles for money to fund my film and processing from the neighborhood drug store.

Since 1972, my working career in motion picture filmmaking has been a dream come true. Chasing Sly Stallone thru the jungles of Thailand or hanging with beautiful Cindy Crawford on a commercial is a very rewarding and gifted life. Helping to make television shows and feature films is a rewarding process, but the moving image is a collaboration of many talented minds.

Seeing our world thru the lens of a still camera is a very solitary experience, To see what is around that next corner or over that far hill feeds my curiosity and the journey wakes my soul. The rewards can be found in far off exotic locations or in your own back yard. I’m never disappointed. Chasing rainbows is what I do. How great is that? Happy travels.     imdb/ronveto

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