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Everyone has attempted at some time to take unique family photos of their family, or has tried to shoot someone else’s family for them. You have a reputation for taking great pictures so don’t be surprised if your friends ask you to take a photo of their family.

The pressure is on. The ordinary person would line everyone one up in a row on the sofa and yell “smile”! But you have something to prove and you want to make this special.

unique family photos

If you want to create a better portrait of any family do some planning before you pull out your camera (or even your camera phone). Think outside the box for unique family photos, these are your friends, what makes them unique?

Consider these simple tips to help you create unique family photos.

  1. Props are a great way to add interest to a photo of any group of people. Dress up the group in similar colors or accessories. Have them wear hats. Purchase some fake moustaches and have everyone, including the babies put them on before you take the picture.
  1. Use your lighting or photoshop skills. Can you isolate the photo’s background? Add impact by either shooting on a plain background, or isolating your subjects with lighting to make the people in your shot really pop out.
  1. Shoot the family from an unexpected angle. Lie on the floor and shoot up or climb up a ladder and shoot down. Shoot the family underwater. Shoot them from behind. Only shoot their feet, shoot them against the sunset or on a hill on a foggy day.
  1. Staged photos are yesterday, it’s time for unique family photos. Try and capture the family actually doing something. Get a candid snap when they least expect it. This isn’t film – shoot away and hope for the best. Many great photos were not planned. It’s hard to smile on cue but if you are stealthy you just might be able to capture them laughing or smiling at something that is happening at a real, special moment.
  1. Family selfies can be fun and will force everyone to get close to each other. Again, candid shots seem to bring out the playful side of men, women, and kids of all ages. Don’t forget to include the family pet.


There are specific camera settings that are important for capturing great group photos. That’s the technical stuff and you can find information on those in any camera book. Choose the right lens, the right setting and the right lighting but don’t sweat the details.

If you are the great photographer that your friends think you are you already know how to take a technically good photo. Just have fun. If you are having a good time with the camera it will make the people on the other side of the lens comfortable and they will have fun too.

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