Tales from Around the World – Watching Snowflakes

Imagine watching each and every snowflake create a winter wonderland.
This Colorado mountain landscape photo, under a blanket of snowflakes,
takes your “minds eye” to watching each falling flake, one by one, by one…

Watching Snowflakes

When you watch very close,

tiny gifts of joy quietly & gently

descent from above.

Their engaging beauty

glitters and gleams

in an extraordinary

dance of delight –

just for you.

Nothing more and

nothing less –

incremental moments of

pleasure floating by

in the blink of an eye.

Capture the wonder and

let them intoxicate you with

the simplest of pleasures.

Watching snowflakes –

One by one, they blanket your world
with natures’ pure splendor.

One by one, they awaken the mind

to the truest of gifts.

One by one, they gracefully

fill your heart with gratitude.

Watching snowflakes –

One by one, by one…

by Marla Meier
Prose: © 2007 Marla Meier. All rights reserved.
Photo: © 2007 Michael Fulks and Graphic Design by Marla Meier. All rights reserved.

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