A Different Kind of Moon Photo

July 8, 2016

There’s something about a full moon that brings out a variety of emotions in people. The full moon is when the werewolf made its appearance. A full moon enhances romance [read more]

Photo ‘Time’

July 5, 2016

Having no alternative, the Florida sun was shining above us. My neighbor in line asked “Do you have the time?” ?” For some time her question seemed to hang in [read more]

The Gift of Photography

July 5, 2016

“Why do you photograph?” The workshop participants looked at me with surprise. I asked my question again and told them to write down their responses. It was an exercise that [read more]

Fine Art Microphotography

July 4, 2016

Microphotography is a form of non-verbal communication. At its best, a micro photo conveys a thought from one person, the photographer, to another, the viewer. In this respect, microphotography is [read more]

Photographing Home Interiors

July 4, 2016

© 2009 Randy Romano All rights reserved. Photographing the interiors of buildings and homes can be a daunting and difficult task, but if you’ve done your homework and are prepared, [read more]

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