The End Of The Rainbow Captured On Camera

Last week, I was lucky enough to witness something that probably less than 0.005 of the world’s population will ever get to witness – I’m talking about the real end of a rainbow!

There are quite a few things I thought I am highly unlikely to see in my lifetime…and one of them is the end of a rainbow! Not the end of a rainbow viewed in a far away field, or over the tops of houses etc…we’ve all seen a rainbow (and futilely chased one) that way.

I’m talking of the moment when you suddenly realise you are looking at that most elusive of sights –  the real end of  rainbow,  going into the earth about 20 yards in front of you!

That’s the once in a lifetime event that happened to me last week, during a visit to the Giants Causeway (In Northern Ireland).

end of rainbow giants causeway
end of a rainbow. Giants Causeway

After a sudden downpour, myself and my friend where walking back up the hill, when she suddenly shouted “look at the rainbow!” I spun around to see an amazing site of a complete rainbow –  by that I mean one end came out of the rocks in front of us and the other end finished in the hill –  a fully formed rainbow..and it was about 20 yards away.

I managed to get my phone camera out and take a quick snap (as did she). Unfortunately, I was unable to get the end which went into the hill, in my picture; however if you look at the rainbow you will see the faint trace of it dipping into the hill.

Sadly, although friends and family have been impressed with my picture, a few of them  (including my sons) accuse me of creating this in photoshop…or some other type of software,  lol. So for those out there who think, that’s what I (we ) did, I can totally assure you that is not the case. Why would I? It would be pointless…not to mention, silly. 🙂

my friends picture from her camera phone
my friends picture from her camera phone

Oh and no…I didn’t scrabble around looking for the pot of gold. lol. However I felt we had both seen something very special –  something that very few people will ever get to see in their lifetime.

It’s one reason to always keep your camera with you…or of course your phone….for those lovely moments when a once in a lifetime event occurs in front of you .



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