The Photographic Doldrums

This is one of the ones I liked best. The shadow of the glasses seems to be in a most delicate “lazy 8” pattern. One of the things I want to explore more is the distortion of shadows from the object.


I liked the repetition of color here and the similarity of curves. I thought the variety of type and script made a nice overall background pattern.

My mouse sits on a sliding board that retreats into my desk and it is naturally referred to as a “mouse house”. But when you look at the lovely round shape that is emphasized by taking a low angle, it then becomes something “other” than just a mouse.

I cheated just a bit and opened up one of the files that houses my images. I store all transparencies in slide pages of 20 and use the Pendaflex(tm) bars and hanging system to store them in file drawers. Again, I liked the diagonal lines and even though this was terribly out of focus (could have also had a little camera bounce) I liked the effect of the image.

Again this is a very out of focus image but I wanted to include it because it has some dynamic color reflections. They didn’t seem to be the same in the ones that were in focus. Again it is one area that I want to explore more.

Wires are great lines and break the surface pattern of the wall into odd or random patterns. Look at the shadow of the one wire. Since it was very dark under the desk and I used flash, the shadow came as a nice surprise. Can you see how a small repetition of pattern like this shadow can add an accent to the image to make it dynamic?

Looking for square shapes, I came upon this.

by Noella Ballenger

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