The Backstage Of Cuba

July 3, 2017

I have been visiting Cuba, several times per year, during the last 12 years and came to the conclusion that avoiding the “cliché” was an impossible expectation .. If you [read more]

Cuba Beyond Travel Photography

March 4, 2017

Cuba may be the most photographed country in the world  – a multicolored tourist destination that captivates the eyes of any traveler who arrives on the island.  It’s magic and [read more]

A Journey to Masai Land

October 2, 2016

Africa changes. It’s not banal to say that no other place in the world offers so much, but only to those prepared to accept it. And yet it is so: [read more]

Experiencing The Thaipusam Festival

September 18, 2016

It was that time again…..I scrolled down my bucket list.  I stopped when I came across the the Thaipusam festival.  The Hindu festival of ‘Thaipusam’, a celebration of faith and atonement, was [read more]

What I like about Havana

September 9, 2016

Every time I visit Cuba, how light the island is, and the good humor of the locals never fails to surprise and please me. As I speak Spanish, I have [read more]

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