Dream Fragments:


Dream fragments are photographs that depict an unfinished story–like bits of an unremembered dream. The edges of each piece suggest more, but they are broken and disconnected. They exist outside of time, so they can be part of the past or the present.

Like the sandal in this photo, the greater story has been cut off. Some dream fragments may be parts of a collective unconscious that is common to all of us.


Dream fragments awaken senses other than the visual. Some dream images awaken a sense of touch or sound. “Sur Eel Sushi” awakens a sense of smell–the odor of fish in a market. (The title suggested itself to me while I was working with the photograph.)


In some of my images—such as the gulls–I know I am dreaming, because I experience the scene as a removed viewer. I seem to float through a dream.


Dream fragments emerge from a mystical map in my dream space. They are not like my other photography. My titles for the dream fragments address hope, despondency, wonder, and many other emotions.


For some uncertain reason, soft blue colors seem to be the dominant hues in the diffused light of my dreamscapes.


Basic elements reveal themselves. Water often appears in my dream fragments.

By Jim Austin M.A.

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