Photo Tours Yellowstone National Park: Understanding The Park's History

Photo tours Yellowstone National Park are very popular with photographers of all skill levels. It's no surprise, of course; as the United States' first national Park, Yellowstone holds a place dear to every American's heart. However, before you head to the park, it could be good to know what to look out for on the way.

The history of Yellowstone Park is undeniably interesting. Just as knowledge of your subject – whether wildlife or human – helps you better tailor your photography, this same approach is also beneficial to the environments that you photograph while on travel photography tours. First established as a national park by congress on March 1st 1872, Yellowstone was the obvious choice to be the nation's first national park. Offering nearly 3,500 square miles of canyons, rivers, lakes and mountain ranges, as well as a distinct geothermic footprint, Yellowstone has a lot of character to sit alongside its vast history. For those looking at photography tours with wildlife in mind, expect to see nearly 400 different species of birds, mammals, fish, reptile, amphibians and even endangered and threatened species. The Park is famous for Yellowstone Lake – the site of a dormant super volcano – and contains the tallest geysers in the world: Old Faithful and Steamboat Springs. Yellowstone was also once home to numerous Native American tribes such as, but not limited to, the Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfoot and Shoshone tribes. They used the land to fish and hunt, as well as using the warm waters from geysers to cook and wash themselves.

Yellowstone is a truly diverse, astonishing and beautiful location for any American or non-American to visit. For those looking at photo tours Yellowstone National Park based, you can check out Apogee Photo Magazine's website at Our experts recommend the best photo tours in America – including at Yellowstone National Park – as well as essential tips and techniques that will dramatically improve your photography.