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  • How to Make a Perfect Shadow in Photoshop – Video Tutorial
By Katelin Kinney
  • 10 Tips for Photographing FireworksBy Marla Meier
  • Creating Harmonious Flow in Landscape PhotosBy Andy Long
  • Using a Tripod: Quick Video TipsBy McKay Photography Academy
 What makes that photo work… By Noella Ballenger and Photo by Glenn Nagel
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An online photography magazine that will help you reach your photographic apogee. 
Learn photography through hundreds of articles with photo tips and techniques.

Articles that INSPIRE

Image of row bow and its reflection on the water.

Photo Travel: Preparation Tips – Part 1
Guide books, maps, car rentals, and airlines...

By Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Silhouette of man looking out to sea.

Photo Travel: Preparation Tips – Part 2
Travel insurance, passports, packing, credit cards...
By Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Articles that EDUCATE

Image of baby fox playing.
Wildlife - Action

Tips for Photographing Wildlife Interaction
Learn about animal behavior, action, shutter speed, and more.
By Andy Long

All blue seascape image.
SEO Marketing

SEO Photography Tips – Part 2: Schemas and Sitemaps
Including webmaster tools and more...

By Todd Mumford

Image of many Terns in flight.
SEO Marketing

SEO Photography Tips – Part 3: Social Media
Optimize content with social media and blogging.

By Todd Mumford

Articles that INFORM

Collage of book covers
Book Reviews

Photo and General Interest Book Reviews
Chanel, Navajo Nations, abandoned building, teaching workshops...
By Noella Ballenger

Black and white image of sand dunes and their shadows.
Photo Ideas

Exploring Ideal Photography: Fact AND Fiction
Be prepared when looking for photo subjects and locations.
By Andy Long

Blur image of girl on back of scooter.
Creative Blur

6 Ultimate Tips for Using Motion Blur in Photography
Technique is about storytelling, shutter speed and more...
By Harry Fisch

Photo Tips and Quotes


MAKE THOSE BUGS LOOK HUGE THIS SUMMER… Time to get started: seek your subject, step in close by approaching slowly and practice, practice, practice. It’s a wondrous world of macro photography and patience is key.


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