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  • Enhance Your Images with the Principle of BalanceBy Eva Polak
  • How to Use Curves in Your Images 
to Add Interest – Video Quick Tips
By McKay Photography Academy
  • How to Create Motion Blur in Photoshop – Video Tutorial By Katelin Kinney
  • IMAGE TALK: What makes that photo work...By Noella Ballenger
  • Photo Book ReviewsBy Noella Ballenger
  • Seven Simple Ways to Use Contrast in Your PhotosBy Eva Polak
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An online photography magazine that will help you reach your photographic apogee. 
Learn photography through hundreds of articles with photo tips and techniques.

Articles that INSPIRE

Photoshop screen shot of man with raindrops.

How to Create Raindrops in Photoshop – Video Tutorial
Add detail and drama by making raindrops with reflections.
By Katelin Kinney

Camera Settings

RAW vs JPEG - Video Quick Tips
Learn why you should photograph in RAW.

By McKay Photography Academy


Articles that EDUCATE

Close-up image of young girl.

Gestalt Theory and Photographic Composition: Closure
Learn about our brain's tendency to close gaps and complete unfinished forms.
By Michael Fulks

Graphic of copyright symbol.

© is for Copyright
Learn how to help protect your photos by using copyrights.
By Margo Taussig Pinkerton (TBC-The Barefoot Contessa)

Landscape at sunset - backlighting.

Photographing INTO the Light
Make dramatic images with backlighting.

By Sarah Vercoe

Articles that INFORM

Buffalo in snow.
Get Ready for Winter

Photographing Snow
Get tips on getting around, photo subjects, exposure, condensation issues and more.
By Andy Long

Landscape hoto of green Northern Lights.

Photographing the Aurora Borealis: Tips on Capturing Nature's Light Show
Learn how and when to capture images of the dancing northern lights.
By Andy Long

Photo Tips and Quotes


Close-up Photography: To add impact to your images, select one subject and make it the most important thing in your photograph. Have it fill the photo frame. Use the elements of dramatic light and shadow to draw even more attention to it. Show the viewer something simple in a way that they have never seen it before.

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