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  • The Invisible Light: Photographic By Piero Leonardi
  • Photographing INTO the LightBy Sarah Vercoe
  • Photoshop CS6 / CC: What Makes a Good Color Print? Part 2By John Watts, Watts Digital Imaging
  • Just Ask 3 Questions to Make Better Travel PhotosBy Jim Austin
  • Growing Up PhotographicallyBy Andy Long
  • Photo Impressionism: How to Use Your Camera as a Digital PaintbrushBy Gerald Sanders and Peggy Sanders
The Invisible Light: Photographic 1 Photographing INTO the Light2 Photoshop CS6 / CC: What Makes a Good Color Print? Part 23 Just Ask 3 Questions to Make Better Travel Photos4 Growing Up Photographically5 Photo Impressionism: How to Use Your Camera as a Digital Paintbrush6

An online photography magazine that will help you reach your photographic apogee. 
Learn photography through hundreds of articles with photo tips and techniques.

Articles that INSPIRE

Photo Finishing

Photoshop CS6 / CC: What Makes a Good Color Print? Part 1
Learn the basic elements and what corresponding Photoshop tool is used to create quality photo prints.

By John Watts

Elements of Design

Photographic Design: An Adventure in Shapes
Join in on Elements of Design class discussion and learn more about using shapes to create great photos.
By Noella Ballenger


Light from stained glass inside of a church.
High Dynamic Range

For the Love of Light, Part 1 – HDR Visions from Nine Photographers
Broaden your vision - why use it and how to make the photos.
By Jim Austin

Articles that EDUCATE

Kitten playing with a rope.
Pet Photography

Creating a Fundraising Photo Book of Rescued Pets
Pick up some great tips on photographing pets and improve your photo skills by donating your time for a project of your own.
By Cathy Topping

This Week's
Most Popular Articles

The Model Release, A Primer

Analyzing the Composition of Your Photographs

Landscape Photo Art & the Zen of Post-processing

Land reflections on water.
HDR Photography

For the Love of Light, Part 2 – HDR Visions from Nine Photographers
The controversy continues! Is it "real" and "true" photography? What is it that makes HDR artistic?
By Jim Austin

Articles that INFORM

Portrait showing character of a fisherman.
People Photography

Photo Character Studies
Get answers to the difference between a character study and a portrait and how to show it in your images.
By Brian Ratty


Photography Gear

Camera Tripods and Ball Heads: What to Consider Before You Buy
What supports your camera and lens is important. Learn what features are best.
By Margo Taussig Pinkerton

Black and white HDR image inside a church.
HDR Photography

For the Love of Light, Part 3 – Beauty of Black and White HDR Photography
Learn how to manage tone control, personal and visual elements, multiple exposures and the workflow process.
By Jim Austin

Weekly Photo Tips

Image of rhythmic patterns on the water by author Marla Meier.

RHYTHMIC PATTERNS IN NATURE: Repeated colors, shapes and lines can create patterns. The more repeated elements there are, the stronger the pattern. Now, if those repeating elements show some directional movement, then a visual rhythm is produced within the photo. A few examples: rolling hills, winding roads, waves, and the spiraling patterns of seashells. Get into the rhythm!    

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