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  • Basic Skin Retouching in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #4By Katelin Kinney
  • Output Your Photographs from Computer to Web or PrintBy Margo Taussig Pinkerton
  • Photo Book ReviewsBy Noella Ballenger
  • How to Create Sparkling Eyes in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #3By Katelin Kinney
  • IMAGE TALK: What makes that photo work…By Noella Ballenger and Photo by Jennifer Galbreth Nelms
  • Photoshop CS6 / CC: Photoshop vs Lightroom? Wrong question!By John Watts
  • Photographing SnowBy Andy Long
Basic Skin Retouching in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #41 Output Your Photographs from Computer to Web or Print2 Photo Book Reviews3 How to Create Sparkling Eyes in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #34 IMAGE TALK: What makes that photo work…5 Photoshop CS6 / CC: Photoshop vs Lightroom? Wrong question!6 Photographing Snow7

An online photography magazine that will help you reach your photographic apogee. 
Learn photography through hundreds of articles with photo tips and techniques.

Articles that INSPIRE

Image of lone tree in a landscape scene.
Landscape Photography

Earth Portraits: How to Photograph Close-ups in Landscapes
Learn how to extract the details out of a scene.
By Andy Long

Screen shot of Photoshop file.
Photoshop Video Tutorial

Introduction to Photoshop: Video Tutorial #1
Features: general workspace, manual red-eye reduction, Adjustment Layers, Exposure Layer Mask and saving files.
By Katelin Kinney

Articles that EDUCATE

Image of pink orchid.
Photo Light

Photographing Light
Explore the different aspects of using light. “Nothing is repeatable, especially the light”, so capture it while you can.
By Juergen Roth

Image of waterfall.
Photo Techniques

Photographing Waterfalls
Learn how to use compose and use shutter speed and exposure to create the beauty of rushing water.
By Jim Altengarten

Screen shot of Photoshop image edit.
Photoshop Video Tutorial

Understanding Layers in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #2
Features: layers, adjustment layers, layer masks, blending modes, and changing of color and light.
By Katelin Kinney

Articles that INFORM

Close-up image of a bear.
Photographer Interview

An Amateur Photographer? Bear & Eagle Photos Tell a Different Story
What's your definition of an amateur or professional photographer? An introduction to Karen Pleasant.
By Noella Ballenger

Young monk reading a book.
Creative & Artistic

Make an Emotional Storytelling Connection with Photos
Find the photo "hook". Learn what is takes to make photos that connect with the viewer.
By Harry Fisch


Critiquing Your Photographs
Learn how to self-critique and the important elements that make a great photo.
By Andy Long

Weekly Photo Tips

Working with High Contrast Light
Use a Diffuser: Place it between the light source and the subject to soften and reduce the glaring bright light. It will also decrease the intensity and hard edges of shadows.
Use Fill Flash: It is especially good when the foreground is dark. It helps to reduce the contrast on a subject by filling in the shadows.

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