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  • Photo Book ReviewsBy Noella Ballenger
  • We don't need no stinkin' HDR Hassles! Use ACRBy John Watts
  • Photo Tips for Sharpening Your Creative EyeBy Steve Gottlieb
  • IMAGE TALK: What makes that photo work...By Noella Ballenger
  • Advanced Retouching in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #9By Katelin Kinney
  • Street Life - Photo Walks in New York City By Luca Venturi
Photo Book Reviews1 We don't need no stinkin' HDR Hassles! Use ACR2 Photo Tips for Sharpening Your Creative Eye3 IMAGE TALK: What makes that photo work...4 Advanced Retouching in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #95 Street Life - Photo Walks in New York City 6

An online photography magazine that will help you reach your photographic apogee. 
Learn photography through hundreds of articles with photo tips and techniques.

Articles that INSPIRE

Image of snow covered rock in a lake.
Winter Photography

Photographing Frozen Beauty
Photograph the scenes of winter while surviving the challenges of the cold.
By Brenda Tharp

Great Blue Heron flying with nesting material in beak.
Bird Photography

Birds in Flight
Get tips on camera, lenses, ISO, lighting, composition and more.
By Andy Long

Articles that EDUCATE

Collage of photo book covers.
Photography Books

Photo & General Interest Book Reviews
Subjects include: fashion, portraits, the Bahamas, and dogs in cars.
By Noella Ballenger

Black and white image of Lilies.
Photo Tips

Taking on the Black and White Photo Challenge: Tips to Seeing in B&W
Don’t limit your challenges; challenge your limits.
By Marla Meier

Screen shot of Photoshop woman using brushes to edit.
Photoshop Video Tutorial

Versatility of Brushes in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #7
Brushes, brushes and more brushes - learn about the variety and how to use them.
By Katelin Kinney

Articles that INFORM

Landscape photo of hills alive with colorful flowers.
Photo Creativity

Photography: A Merger of Your Senses, Words & Photo Skills to Create Photo Memories
Share your photographic vision and make a connection with your viewer.
By Noella Ballenger

Model by tree lit by off-camera lights at night.
Fashion Portraits & Light

Fashion Photography: Painting with Light
A flashlight and off-camera lights? Learn how to light up the subject with amazing lighting effects at night.
By Lindsay Adler

Learn the use of the clone stamp in Photoshop.
Photoshop Video Tutorial

How to Use the Clone Stamp in Photoshop: Video Tutorial #8
Take the mystery out of using the Clone Stamp for retouching and adding elements to an image.
By Katelin Kinney

Weekly Photo Tips

Image of red rock formations at Little Finland.

See All Photo Tips

See all the photography articles from the past 4 months.


There are many tools available to eliminate harsh contrast, but…. Sometimes strong contrast in light works in your favor. Look for the highlights and deep shadows that enhance the patterns, shapes and textures within a scene. These will give the image a three-dimensional look.

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