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  • SEO Photography Tips – Part 1: Image OptimizationBy Todd Mumford
  • Photoshop Time Lapse Video: Making “The Violinist”By Katelin Kinney
  • 6 Ultimate Tips for Using Motion Blur in PhotographyBy Harry Fisch
  • Photo & General Interest Book ReviewsBy Noella Ballenger
  • Getting Intimate: Close-up Flower PhotographyBy Noella Ballenger
  • IMAGE TALK: What makes that photo work…By Noella Ballenger and Photo by Rajiul Huda Dipto
SEO Photography Tips – Part 1: Image Optimization1 Photoshop Time Lapse Video: Making “The Violinist”2 6 Ultimate Tips for Using Motion Blur in Photography3 Photo & General Interest Book Reviews4 Getting Intimate: Close-up Flower Photography5 IMAGE TALK: What makes that photo work…6

An online photography magazine that will help you reach your photographic apogee. 
Learn photography through hundreds of articles with photo tips and techniques.

Articles that INSPIRE

Image of the Grand Tetons

Photo Hikes in the Grand Tetons: Jenny Lake Trail Network
Pack your camera and bags and head to Wyoming.

By Jeff Doran

Image of lone tree at sunset.
Creative and Artistic

Photo Passion and Skill - A Combination for Success
Merging the technical personality and artistic mind...
By David McKay

Articles that EDUCATE

Close-up image of a dragonfly.
Insect Photography

How to Photograph Insects for Art
A step-by-step, in the field technique.
By Edwin Brosens

Image of wild horses.
Animal Action

Wild Horses – Tips for Photographing the Action
Learn techniques for making images of wild horse behavior at Sand Wash Basin, Colorado.
By Andy Long

Mountain scene reflected in water.
Photo Editing

Photo Adventures: Top 10 Items to Carry on a Day Hike
By Jeff Doran

Articles that INFORM

Image of Indian Paintbrush.
Flower Photography

Spring into Summer Flowers: Photo Tips & Ideas
Inside or out, there are flowers to photograph.
By Andy Long


Image of a Grizzly Bear sitting on a hill.
Wildlife Photography

Photographing Dangerous Animals: Part 1 - Bears & Big Cats
Learn how to get closer to wild animals.
By Michael Leggero

Image Editing

Photoshop CS6 / CC: The Navigator and History Panels - Video Tutorial
Learn about these workspaces and their functions.
John Watts

Weekly Photo Tips and Quotes


MAKING CITY NIGHTSCAPES: Capture the lights, the action and blur moving objects.
1. Use a tripod and remote shutter release.
2. Use long exposures techniques to blur motion– slow shutter speeds.
3. Use small aperture – f/8 and higher
4. Use the lowest ISO possible for less noise.
Tips for Twilight Cityscape Reflections

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