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TRAVEL: Photo Walk in Charleston

June 3, 2019

IN THE OLD CITY Take your camera into Charleston’s old city and stroll along its streets. As you take photographs, imagine the echoes of footfalls of those who worshiped, fought [read more]

The Best Travel Camera

May 19, 2019

Travel photography is a broad and diverse genre, potentially encompassing everything from landscapes and still life photography through to street shots and portraits. This means that the best DSLR camera [read more]

Travel Secrets of America’s Oldest City

May 12, 2019

Capturing unique experiences is a thrill for any travel photographer, and America’s Oldest City offers special moments for all who stroll its cobblestone streets with open eyes. Saint Augustine, the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the USA, is a photographer’s dream. [read more]

Travel: Celebrating Junkanoo

January 22, 2018

Cowbells clang. Whistles blast. Goat skin drums boom and trombones roll out melodies. In perfect time with the rhythms, fancy dancers whirl. I’ve come to Governor’s Harbor in January 2019 [read more]

NOW and THEN: American Photography Masters

December 22, 2017

NOW and THEN is a series which explores current cultural events in photography that connect us to photography’s history. This month we visit the “Masters of American Photography” exhibit with Jim Austin [read more]

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