The Best Locations For Maldives Photography

While there are many beautiful and exciting destinations for photographers to visit, there aren’t many that offer the tranquility and solace like Maldives. Ever since the Maldives was first discovered it has been ranked high amongst some of the best beach destinations in the world.

This is probably why so many photographers flock to the island every year. With that being said, the Maldives is packed with so many beautiful spots that it can be hard for any travel photographers to capture them all unless they plan on spending a month on the island. This is why it is imperative to know which locations are a must for travel photography and that is what you are going to learn below.

EmboodhuFinolhu Island

One of the most picturesque destinations you will find in the Maldives is the EmboodhuFinolhu Island. When you look at this island from a distance or from overhead you will find that the 55 water villas are arranged in the shape of a flower bud, which makes the perfect photo day or night.

However, if you do have the time it is most certainly worth the effort to stop on this island for a little pampering in their revitalizing spa resort. This island is located near the Maldives International Airport, so it would actually be convenient to make this you first or last stop on your tour around the Maldives.

Male Island

During your Maldives tour packages vacation if you want to capture images of some well lit buildings and truly unique architectural designs you have to pay the capital a visit. In fact, since the Maldives International Airport is located on the island this will most likely be your first stop off points.

This island is brimming with monuments, delicious restaurants, and tons of tourist attractions. If you have the time the underwater snorkeling and scooter rides are certainly worth checking out.

Capture Wildlife At Whale Submarine

From the name whale submarine you might assume that this destination has something to do with whales. Unfortunately, it does not, but it is a beach destination that is highly known for its reef life. The submarine tour is an excellent way for you to capture some colorful corals, along with a variety of marine life.

Some of the most popular species are the reef fish, blue and yellow striped snappers, yellow boxfish, lionfish, and turtles. The tour is 45 minutes long, so you will have adequate time to capture a variety of exciting pictures.

The Seagull Café

With its well-designed décor, elegant gardens, and beautiful trees The Seagull Café is without a doubt a must for any photographer. Not only can you relax and get yourself a delicious plate of food, but also you can capture ocean side pictures while you are enjoying your meal outdoors.

Finding A Location

When you are visiting Maldives, you will want to take the time to explore what the country has to offer. If you are looking to shoot landscapes, you will have no issues finding a great location. Not only is the perfect location a necessity, but also the right conditions are required for the best outcome. With so many islands to choose from for your photo shoot, you really cannot go wrong.


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